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The Late Sleepers

Cover to libretto

Book and lyrics by Paul James. Music by Eric Angus.
Commissioned by the National Youth Music Theatre and presented at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle in 2002


In a junk-strewn wasteland in a distant future a gang of young people, The Late Sleepers - self-styled vampires, dressed in black and scarlet with bright dyed hair - scrape a strange existence on the outskirts of a walled city. Their leader is Gabriel, a dark brooding presence whose jealously guarded store of music, videos and DVDs from earlier centuries has informed the gang's unlikely passion for classic TV, horror movies and pop songs.

When two strangers, James and Elsa stumble on the Sleepers' hideout, they are intrigued by this all-singing, all -dancing gang, and begin a chain of events which will explore both the light and the darkness of their rock and roll vampire existence.

With show-stopping numbers, a high gothic wedding, drama and betrayal, and, ultimately, heart-breaking bravery, this is a fascinating romp through the world of the Undead,of popular culture, and of teenage rebellion.