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A musical by The Heather Brothers

After their smash-hit success A Slice of Saturday Night, The Heather Brothers have collaborated once again in the wildly entertaining new musical Lust, which premièred in London at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket in 1993.


Based upon Wycherley's The Country Wife, this rollicking Restoration revel throws off the shackles of Puritan austerity in a high-spirited celebration of "the noblest urge bestowed on us". Ribaldry, romance and drama abound in the hilarious tale of Homer, a notorious London libertine. He charms and seduces his way into the hearts and boudoirs of society ladies, while practising elaborate deceptions so as to be trusted by the foolish husbands as a eunuch and chaperon to ladies of quality. Period 1661


The Cast:

M9 F7. Extras possible

Singing Principals 

Homer: a handsome libertine.
Quack: a dubious physician.
Pinchwife: a dour country gentleman; middle age.
Margery Pinchwife: a naive, voluptuous country girl; young.
Sir Jasper Fidget: an aristocratic gentleman.
Lady Fidget: an extremely haughty aristocrat.
Mistress Dainty: Lady Fidget's sister also haughty.
Mistress Squeamish: an austere, aristocratic woman.
Alithea: a placid, refined country lady; 30s.
Harcourt: a young blade.
Dorilant: a loud, bluff gentleman.
Sparkish: a plump, effeminate fop

Smaller Roles

Rudge, Executioner, Captain Jack, Wench, Parson, Hag, Footman


The Scenes

Various simple interior and exterior settings