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Mad Libs Live!

Music by Jeff Thomson | Book and Lyrics by Robin Rothstein

New World Stages - November 1, 2015


Meet Virtuosa, Gogo, Geyser, and Merrily, four teenagers from Blankville Central High School with little in common, who come together to form a singing group to try and win the title, "Teen Superstars!" Mad Libs Live! is set during the live, televised competition when the teens realize that the songs they are about to sing have words missing. Thank goodness these discombobulated kids have The Audience there to help them fill in the blanks!

But...will this be enough to help them win the competition?

Musical Numbers

  1. Doing It Right Now! - Company
  2. How’ It's Going Down - Company
  3. How To Be Famous - Virtuosa
  4. Friend 4 Ever - Geyser
  5. My _____ (Adj) _____ (Noun - )Merrily
  6. The Most Awesome Athlete in the World = Gogo
  7. Disaster - Company
  8. You Give Me Meaning - Company
  9. Fearless - Merrily
  10. Doing It Right Now (Reprise) - Company