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Madison Avenue

A musical in 2 acts: Music by Gary Cherpakov & Robert Moehl; Lyrics by Gary Cherpakov & Paul Streitz; Book by Paul Streitz

Lone Star Theatre - Off-Broadway 29 December, 1992 (48 perfs)


Madison Avenue is an advertising agency and the plot of this musical is centred around obtaining and maintaining the account for Leonard's Lemonade.

The cast of characters show what it's really like in the insane world of advertising.

The Women on the Move are the executive females on their way up the ladder. Alice O'Connor is the sweet ingenue entering the Madison Avenue madness. Bruce Singer is the would-be-writer, just doing time as a copy-writer on the Avenue until he sells his first script. J. Quinby IV is the slightly stuffy, well-established executive. His secretary, Honeydew Plushbottom is from Bay Ridge; she sports baubles and jewels all over her body, along with two-inch, brightly painted fingernails.

We meet the Media Rep, the Marketing Researcher and and the video director, all of them dedicated to obtaining this new advertising account.

Musical Numbers:

  1. All A Matter of Strategy
  2. Client Service
  3. It's Not A Commercial, It's Art
  4. L.A. Freeway
  5. Leonardo's Lemonade
  6. The Look
  7. Madison Avenue
  8. Office Romance
  9. Residuals
  10. Something For Me
  11. Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze
  12. Thirty Seconds
  13. Typical American Consumer
  14. Upper East Side Blues
  15. A Woman At Home
  16. Women On the Move