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The Crisis Musical

A musical in 2 acts. Written by Bob Walton & Jim Walton

Presented at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, Minneapolis - 2007


Three men and three women make up the cast of this wacky musical that takes a comic look at the ‘age-old’ conditions and situations faced in Mid-life. From reading glasses and mammograms to weekend warriors and proctology exams – all are lampooned in this show with a Saturday Night Live non-sensibility. Everyone will relate to this hilarious, and at times, touching musical about the curiosities and inevitability of middle-age. It’s a humorous, forthright, no-holds barred assessment of what is often characterised as a challenging time in one’s life -- that’s MID-LIFE! If you bought some Ginkgo Biloba, but can’t remember which cabinet you put it in – then you’re ready for MID-LIFE! Getting older might stink, but it sure beats the alternative! Recommended for adult theatregoers.


3M, 3F




Slides and sound effects from the original production available

Musical Numbers

  1. Prologue (The Company)
  2. Welcome To Mid-Life (The Company)
  3. Lies! (The Company)
  4. Turning Forty (Man 1)
  5. Biological Clock (Woman 2, Man 3, Man 2)
  6. Welcome To Mid-Life (Reprise 1) (Woman 2, Man 3, Man 2)
  7. Weekend Warriors (The Men)
  8. When He Laughs (Woman 3)
  9. A Trip To The Doctor (Man 1, Woman 2, Woman 1, Woman 3, Man 3)
  10. Side Effects (Man 1, Woman 2, Woman 1, Woman 3, Man 3)
  11. Welcome to Mid-Life (Reprise 2) (Man 1, Woman 2, Woman 1, Woman 3, Man 3)
  12. My Lost Love (Man 3)
  13. Some Kids (Woman 3, Man 3, Man 2, Woman 2)
  14. I Quit! (The Company)
  15. What Did I Come In Here For? (Man 1, Woman 1, Man 2, Woman 3)
  16. Turning Fifty (Man 1, Woman 1, Man 2, Woman 3)
  17. Boys Night In (The Men)
  18. He Got What He Deserves (The Women)
  19. Another Trip To The Doctor (Man 1, Man 3, Woman 3)
  20. Classical Menopause (The Company)
  21. Welcome To Mid-Life (Reprise 3) (The Company)
  22. The Long Goodbye (Woman 1, Woman 3, Man 2)
  23. I'm Not Ready (The Company)
  24. Bows/ Welcome To Mid-Life Finale (The Company)
  25. Exit Music (The Company)

The original production at The Chanhassen Dinner Theatres used a playing area stage level with a revolve to allow for quick set changes. The piano player sat on an upper level, which the actors could access via stairways on either side.

This production also used a series of projections that transition between scenes.