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Moments of Christmas

Music, Lyrics and Book by Trisha Ward

The Story

"Moments of Christmas' is the story of the "Snow Queen", "The Little Match Girl" "A Christmas Carol" and "The Snowman", condensed into a miniature musical (approx. 40 mins.). We first see the match-girl desperately trying to sell some of her wares on a busy Christmas Eve but to no avail. Because she is weak and near death, she begins to hallucinate as the glow of her first match warms her hands. With each match she enters a different world meeting characters such as The Toys, Scrooge and The Snowman but each dream only lasts as long as the match. Her final match makes her realise that at last she has felt the warmth of acceptance - if only in her dreams - and in a fanfare of angels, her soul is taken by the spirit of her Grandmother to heaven, leaving the frail and lifeless body of the match-girl frozen in the winter snow, for the townspeople to find the next day. The moral of the match-girl's story is demonstrated by the finale "The Christmas Days" which is performed by the entire Company.

Principal Characters

(plus Chorus -The Christmas Toys)

Little Match-Girl
Ebenezer Scrooge
Tiny Tim
Bob Cratchett
The Snowman
The Snow Queen

Principal Musical Numbers

Magic Mirror (Snow Queen)
Matches (Little Match-Girl, Chorus)
The Annual Toy Dance (Toys)
Bah, Humbug! (Scrooge, Tiny Tim)
Don't Melt This Snowman's Heart (Snowman, Chorus)
The Christmas Days (Company)


Details available on request to rights holder.