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Sheet music cover to the show number "Fancy Our Meeting"

A musical comedy in 2 acts: Book by Douglas Furber; lyrics by Douglas Ferber, Ira Gershwin and Desmond Carter; Music by Joseph Meyer and Philip Charig.

London Hippodrome, 5 June, 1928 (363 perfs)


Joy Dean is a lady detective with a range of traditional but nonetheless funny disguises, and Bill Barrow as her quarry - at first professional but later amorous - in a story which wanders from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden to the South of France. The journey involves a rich aunt, Helen, and her fortune, a singing couple, Francis Moray and Moya Malone, a voluminous opera singer, Sunya Berata and a line-up of leggy dancers.

Musical Numbers: selection

  1. Fancy Our Meeting - Joy and Bill
  2. Chirp-Chirp - Joy and dancers
  3. Let Yourself Go - Bill
  4. A Marching Song - Bill and chorus
  5. Parting Time - Bill, Helen, Francis
  6. The One I'm Looking For - Joy, Bill and dancers
  7. Sweet So and So - Bill
  8. Tell Me Why - Sunya Berata and Francis Moray

Cast: (in order of appearance)

Chorus and dancers.