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Three Postcards

Book by Craig Lucas; Music and Lyrics by Craig Carnelia

Playwrights Horizon Theatre, Off-Broadway - May 14, 1987 (22 perfs)

An off-beat and uniquely imaginative "free form" musical play, exploring the ups and downs in the lives of three woman friends who meet for dinner and revealing conversation in a chic Manhattan restaurant.


The place is a trendy restaurant in Greenwich Village, empty except for Bill (the pianist) and Walter (the waiter). Three young women, Big Jane, Little Jane and K.C., arrive for dinner, and for the conversation, daydreams and memories which then engage them.

Deceptively simple and often very funny their table talk is mostly about everyday things, but in the fantasies to which they escape the veneers of their lives are peeled back as they regress to childhood, take an imagined trip to outer space, or reveal the problems besetting their marriages and careers. Punctuated by songs, accompanied (and sometimes joined in) by Bill, and with Walter (the waiter) assuming a variety of roles as the action requires, the play probes deftly and surely ever deeper until (in the words of Edith Oliver) "At the end, when Little Jane hands her credit card to Walter, there is little we do not know about the inner and outer lives of these three women over the years."


2 men, 3 women.


On stage piano.