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A Thurber Carnival

A Revue in 2 Acts, 15 Scenes. Play (sketches, lyrics) by James Thurber. Conceived and directed by Burgess Meredith. Music composed and performed by Don Elliott.

Opened 26 February 1960 at the ANTA Theatre, closing 25 June 1960 after 127 performances; re-opened a return engagement 5 September 1960 at the ANTA Theatre and closed 26 November 1960 after 96 perfornances. Total: 223 performances.


Tom Ewell, Peggy Cass, Paul Ford, Alice Ghostly, John McGiver, Wynne Miller, Peter Turgeon, Charles Braswell, Margo Lundgreen, The Don Elliott Quartet (Don Elliott, Jack Six, Jim Raney, Ronnie Bedford).



  1. "Word Dance (Part 1)" (Staged by James Starbuck.) - Peggy Cass, Peter Turgeon, Paul Ford, Wynne Miller, John McGiver, Margo Lungreen, Alice Ghostly, Charles Braswell, (Don Elliott Quartet)
  2. The Night the Bed Fell - Tom Ewell
  3. Fables (Part 1): (Staged by James Starbuck.)
    A. The Wolf at the Door - Narrator: Alice Ghostly. Daughter: Wynne Miller. Mother: Peggy Cass. Father: Paul Ford. Wolf Charles Braswell.
    B. The Unicorn in the Garden - Narrator: Peter Turgeon. Man: Paul Ford. She: Alice Ghostly. Psychiatrist: John McGiver. Policeman: Charles Braswell.
    C. The Little Girl and the Wolf - Narrator: Peggy Cass. Wolf: Paul Ford. Little Girl: Wynne Miller.
  4. If Grant Had Been Drinking at Appomattox - Narrator: Peter Turgeon. Shultz: Charles Braswell. Grant: Tom Ewell. Lee: Paul Ford.
    Lee's Staff Man: John McGiver. Officer: Peter Turgeon
  5. Casuals of the Keys - Visitor: John McGiver. Darrel Darke: Paul Ford.
  6. The Macbeth Murder Mystery - He: Tom Ewell. She: Peggy Cass.
  7. "Gentlemen Shoppers" - Narrator: Peter Turgeon. Salesgirl: Alice Ghostly. Westwater: John McGiver. Bargirl: Wynne Miller. Anderson: Tom Ewell. Bailey: Paul Ford.
  8. The Last Flower - Tom Ewell


  1. (The) Pet Department - Announcer: Peter Turgeon. The Pet Counsellor: Tom Ewell. Miss Whittaker: Alice Ghostly. A Girl: Wynne Miller.
  2. Mr. Preble Gets Rid of His Wife - Preble: Paul Ford. Miss Daley: Wynne Miller. Mrs. Preble: Peggy Cass.
  3. File and Forget - James Thurber: Tom Ewell. Miss Bagley: Margo Lungreen. Miss Alma Winege: Peggy Cass. Miss Wynne: Wynne Miller. Jeannette Gaines: Alice Ghostly. Clint Jordan: Paul Ford. H. F. Cluffman: John McGiver.
  4. Take Her Up Tenderly - John: Paul Ford. Nellie: Alice Ghostly. Lou: Peggy Cass.
  5. Fables (Part 2) - (Staged by James Starbuck.)
    A. The Owl Who Was God - Narrator: Alice Ghostly. Owl: John McGiver. Moles: Peter Turgeon, Charles Braswell. Secretary Bird: Paul Ford. Red Fox: Margo Lungreen.
    B. The Clothes Moth and the Luna Moth - Narrator: Tom Ewell. Luna Moth: Wynne Miller. Clothes Moth: Charles Braswell.
  6. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Narrator: Peter Turgeon. Walter Mitty: Tom Ewell. Mrs. Mitty: Peggy Cass. First Voice: Charles Braswell. Lieut. Berg: Peter Turgeon. Nurse: Wynne Miller. Dr. Renshaw: John McGiver. Dr. Benbow: Charles Braswell. Dr. Remington: Peter Turgeon. Mr. Pritchard-Mitford: Paul Ford. The Leader: Paul Ford.
  7. "Word Dance (Part 2)" - (Staged by James Starbuck.) - Tom Ewell, John McGiver, Wynne Miller, Peggy Cass, Alice Ghostly, Margo Lundgreen, Paul Ford, Peter Turgeon, Charles Braswell, Don Elliott Quartet