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Tom Brown's Schooldays

Cover to reissued original cast recording

A musical in 2 acts by Jack and Joan Maitland; based on the novel by Thomas Hughes: Music by Chris Andrews. Originally produced as an amateur musical at the Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon 6 November, 1971 as Young Tom.

Cambridge Theatre, London 9th May, 1972 (76 perfs)


Squire Brown insists that his son Tom has been too much pampered at home by Petticoat Government. Mrs Brown regrets that her son is being sent to board at Rugby School, insisting that she likes her children around. Arriving at Rugby, a somewhat despondent Tom is greeted by pupils who suggest ways of keeping his spirits up. He is met by the friendly East who advises him to get involved with school activities and join in where he can. The school bully, Flashman, insists that the boys obey him.

Below stairs, the porter Obadiah and his girlfriend Margery dream of owning their own farm, or just a smallholding, something that will provide for their needs and get them away from the school. The matron of Rugby, Mary Penrose, is engaged to one of the masters, Mr Bird, but their relationship is an uneasy one. She wonders when the right person will turn up.

Dr Arnold, the headmaster of Rugby, is impressed by Tom when he refuses to 'tell' on Flashman. Visiting the chapel, Arnold ponders the question as to what makes a man? Bravely resisting Flashman's cruelty, Tom declares himself and his intentions towards life.

The next term starts with a rugger game. Three of the teachers feel a need for a disciplined approach to education. Dressing the rugby wounds, Mary wonders what it would be like if she had a son.
Tom's strength grows, and he sees a boy's point of view. Troubled by the tensions at his school, Dr Arnold prays to be given a vision of youth.

Obadiah and Margery have a lark educating their children and dreaming of their Warwickshire home. A group of gipsies teach Tom the story of The ballad of the Great White Horse. Tom vanquishes Flashman. Mary realises that Dr Arnold is her man. The whole school celebrates the success of young Tom.

Musical Numbers

  1. Petticoat Government - Squire Brown, Mrs Brown, Tom's Sisters
  2. I Like My Children Around - Squire Brown, Mrs Brown, Tom's Sisters
  3. Head Up - Boys
  4. In the Swim - Boys
  5. My way - Flashman and Boys
  6. Reprise: In the Swim - Tom Brown, East
  7. Three Acres and a Cow - Obadiah, Margery and Ensemble
  8. Where Is He? - Mary Penrose
  9. What Is a Man? - Dr. Arnold and Boys
  10. Young Tom - Tom Brown and Ensemble
  11. Have a Try - Boys
  12. Six of the Best - Mr. Bird, Mr. Powlett and Mr. Lee
  13. If I Had a Son - Mary Penrose
  14. A Boy's Point of View - Boys
  15. Vision of Youth - Dr. Arnold and Ensemble
  16. Warwickshire home - Obadiah, Margery
  17. One for Your Nose - Obadiah, Margery and Ensemble
  18. Hold Me - Mary Penrose
  19. The Ballad of the Great White Horse - Father, Mother, Tom Brown and Ensemble
  20. Reprise: Young Tom - The Company


Tom Brown
Squire Brown
Mrs Brown
Tom's sisters (4)

Rugby School:


Dr Arnold
Mary Penrose
Mr Bird
Mr Powlett
Mr Lee




Rugby School:

B oys






The Gypsy Family