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Cover to cast recordingTomorrow Morning

Book, Music & Lyrics by Laurence Mark Wythe


The clock ticks by as two couples prepare themselves for the monumental day ahead. When morning comes, twenty-somethings John and Kat will marry and embark upon a new life, while older couple Jack and Catherine will sign their divorce papers. Trouble is, is anyone really sure they are doing the right thing?

As the night goes on, it becomes clear that all is not what it once seemed. Are we watching two couples, or just one couple on two pivotal nights in their life together? Two nights, separated by fifteen years, as Jack and Catherine look back to the eve of their wedding, desperately trying to rediscover the memory of what brought them together.

This delightful, intimate and funny new musical is about how tiny moments in life can become huge, and how no matter how strong a relationship once seemed, life can quickly make it as fragile as a flower.

Musical Numbers

  1. Everything Changes
  2. The Reasons Behind our Impending Divorce
  3. When I`m a Bride
  4. The Recurring Dream
  5. I Remember 6. Autobiography
  6. The Secret Tango 8. Lonely Child
  7. After Tonight
  8. The Time is Coming
  9. POVs
  10. Who is that Person?
  11. Look What We Made
  12. Chapter Seventeen
  13. Suddenly


Tomorrow Morning - Original Cast - CD