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The Tourists


Musical comedy in 2 acts. Book and Lyrics by R. H. Burnside Music by Gustave Kerker

Majestic Theatre, New York - Opened 25th August, 1906; closed 8th December, 1906 (124 performances)


John Duke of Plymouth, Massachusetts, is registered as the Duke of Plymouth at the Oriental Hotel in Rangapang. He is evading his tutor, Timothy Todd, and courting Dora Blossom, whose American father is seeking a titled marriage for her. Todd somehow discovers John's whereabouts and telegraphs that he is on his way. Jambo-Ree (also called Ram-Dow) arrives. His master, Boojam, was to have married the Rajah's daughter, Princess Cholulu, but, according to Jambo-Ree, Boojam has been eaten by a tiger and Jambo-Ree has decided to impersonate him.

The hotel manager, recognizing Jambo-Ree as a rebel with a price on his head. He drugs him and prepares to claim the reward. This suggests an escape to John. He writes to Todd, claiming he has been kidnapped by Jambo-Ree and must be ransomed. A battered, road-weary Todd soon appears.

Todd is blindfolded and led around the hotel courtyard, which he is told is the rebel's cave. After his negotiations with Jambo-Ree (actually John faking an Oriental accent), he is "returned" to the hotel. The Rajah enters and falls in love with Dora, insisting he will abduct her if she will not marry him willingly. He accuses Todd, who by now is in native dress, of being another rebel. Todd claims he is Boojam, only to have Boojam turn up, hale and hearty.

Everything is finally explained, and the lovers are allowed to go their own way:

Musical Numbers (Vocal score)

  1. Opening Chorus and Song - Loofah - "Rangapang is justly famous for its healthy climate, so, if we're proud you cannot blame us..."
  2. Ensemble - "We're the marriageable daughters of a multi-millionaire, and we've come across the waters diff'rent countries to compare..."
  3. Trio - Blossom, Letitia and Dora - "I've been whirled 'round the world in the steamships and trains, I've travelled all over the earth..."
  4. Entrance of Todd - "What on earth can be the matter? Who is raising all this clatter? Who's making all this noise, we'd like to know..."
  5. Song - Dora and Girls - "I'm not at all inquisitive, but still I'd like to learn the meaning of a lot of things..."
  6. a. Entrance of the Rajah, and Song - "Clear the way now, and bow to the Rajah! Bow to the Rajah! ..."
    b. Askeema's Music - Entrance of the Court Physician
  7. Chorus of Tourists - "We've got a lot of sweethearts; Don't know which to choose. There isn't one amongst them we would like to lose..."
  8. Dancing Speciality - "We're the gnomes whose homes are down in the cellar where the wine's in cask..."
  9. Chorus of Natives - "Hist, hist, advance with care. This is the place, if we're not mistaken, hist, hist, for our work prepare..."
  10. Finale Act I - "He's gone! He's gone! Well, this is most annoying, our plan to rescue Dora thus destroying. Alas, it's true..."
  11. Chorus of Girls, and solo - Princess - "With weary hearts we sit disconsolate, in Rangapang ... Sadly sighing we bewail our fate..."
  12. Duet - Captain and Princess - "When a youth falls in love with a pretty young maid, and he finds that her parents object..."
  13. Wedding Procession - "What a happy, happy day, what a chance to laugh and sing. Let's be gay while we may, let dull care and grief take wing..."
  14. Ensemble - "Life's a bubble, and you hurry, full of trouble, grief and worry through this vale of tears and sorrow, trying hard to look content..."
  15. Topical Song - Todd - "When you're up against trouble galore, and you're tired of fighting with fate, and you feel life's a terrible bore..."
  16. Song - Princess and Chorus - "There was once a little maid who was very much afraid of the dark, and her life was a sad one..."
  17. Song - Dora and Chorus - "In the spring a maiden's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love..."

Musical Numbers (Programme)

  1. Opening Chorus
  2. Keep on Doing Something (Song) - Loofah, Chorus
  3. Here They Come (Ensemble Entrance)
  4. Dear Old Broadway (Song) - Benjamin Blossom, Dora, Chorus
  5. When You Take a Trip (Ensemble Entrance and Song) Timothy Todd, Chorus
  6. Mary's Lamb (Song) - Julia Jellicoe
  7. Ensemble Entrance of Rajah and Chorus
  8. A Game of Hearts (Duet) - Noorian, Princess Cholulu
  9. Which One Shall We Marry? (Quartette) - Tourists
  10. We're the Gnomes (Dancing Specialty) - Chorus
  11. Natives (Entrance) - Male Chorus
  12. He's Gone (Finale) - Ensemble
  13. In Rangapang (Opening Chorus) - Ensemble
  14. They Lived to Be Loved in Vain (Song) - Princess Cholulu
  15. Love Is a Wonderful Thing (Trio) - Pruette, Princess Cholulu, Noorian
  16. Ensemble - Chorus
  17. She Always Told the Truth (Song)
  18. That's the Time (Song) - Timothy Todd
  19. Different Girls (Song) - Julia Jellicoe
  20. It's Nice to Have a Sweetheart (Song) - Dora, Chorus
  21. Finale


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