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Tulip Time

Cover to vocal score

(A Comedy with Music) Book by Worten David and Alfred Parker: Lyrics by Bruce Sievier: Music by Colin Wark : Additional lyrics and music by Hubert W. David. Based on the play The Strange Adventures of Miss Brown by Robert Buchanan and Charles Marlowe. 

Alhambra Theatre, London - August 14, 1935 (425 perfs)


The story deals with three young men disguised as girls loose in a girls' school in search of beloveds: a young airman has married a ward-in-chancery only to see her hurried off back to school; a friend of his taken by a friend of hers; and a goofy aristocrat called Piggy who finds comical love while helping them out.

Original Cast

Angela Brightwell - Jean Colin.
Hazel Pears - Betty Bascomb.
Miss Schnapps - Sydney Fairbrother.
Jepson - George Gee.
Eric - John Fitzroy.
Geoffrey - Richard Rogers.
Carl Vincent - Bernard Clifton.
" Piggy " - Steve Geray.
Hope - Ena Grossmith.
Miss Gandersluis - Joan Fred Emney
Mr. Hibbertson - Pilton Wilson.
Midge - Marjorie Gordon.
Mirabelle - Marion Gerth.
Lilian - Sally Stewart.
"Dumpy" - Ruby Moule.
Daphne - Daphne Raglan.
Jean - Jean Capra.
Kate - Lilian Frances.
Postman - Kenneth Henry.
Naryshkinsky - Rostoff.
Varel Naryshkinsky - Isolde Maya.
Humperdinck - George Hayes.

Chorus of Air-Force Officers, Peasants, School-girls, Mill Boys, Policemen and Tulip Girls.

Musical Numbers



Opening Chorus - Villages, Pesants and Mill Boys
Chorus "The Song of the Vanderleue School" - School Girls
Song & Chorus "Sailing with the Breeze" - Angela
Reprise "Sailing with the Breeze" - Male Quartet
Chorus & Dance "To Market We must go" - Laura and Tulip Girls
Reprise "The Song of the Vanderleue School'' - School Girls
Reprise "To Market We must go" - Laura and Tulip Girls
Song & Chorus "Aces of the Air" - Carl and Officers
Duet "Shoulder to Shoulder" - Angela and Carl
Duet "I like You" - Hope and Jepson
Duet & Chorus "Here's to Love" ... Angela and Carl ... ...
Finale ACT I



Concerted "The Man in Blue." - Postman and School Girl
Song "When You're only Seventeen" - Angela
Recitative - Schnapps
Trio "All Girls together" - Carl, Piggy and Jepson (Greta) (Muriel) (Their Mother)

Ballet Scena

(A) Ballet Rehearsal and Song "With Shadows Falling" - Ballet Mistress, Master, Ballet Girls and Angela
(B) Burlesque Ballet - Carl, and Piggy
(C) Finale to Ballet and Reprise "With Shadows Falling" - Ballet Girls and Angela

Chorus "Now the Day is over" - School Girls
Reprise "The Song of the Vanderleue School" - Gandersluis and School Girls



Concerted "Over the Garden Wall" - Policemen and Cookies
Reprise "Over the Garden Wall" - Policemen and Cookies
Duet "What could be sweeter" - Hazel and Piggy
Song "'Noah had Two of Everything" - Jepson and Girls
Incidental Music
Reprise "Shoulder to Shoulder" - Angela and Carl.
Incidental Music


(In order of their appearance)

Miss Gandersluis - Head Mistress of Vanderleue School.
Angela Brightwell, Hazel Pears - Pupils at Vanderleue School.
1st Mill Boy
2nd Mill Boy
Miss Schnapps - Assistant Mistress of the Vanderleue School.
*Laura Schmitt - a Tulip Girl.
*Van Groot - a Bulb Farmer.
*Van Gelder - his Manager.
Humperdinck - Sergeant of Police.
*A Pastor
Jepson - Batman to Carl Vincent
Carl Vincent - an Air-Force Officer.
Eric, Geoffrey - Air-Force Officers.
"Piggy" - Carl's Friend.
Hope . . Carl's Servant.
Mr. Hibbertson - a Solicitor.
Midge, Mirabelle, Daphne, Jean, Lilian, "Dumpy", Kate - Schoolgirls.
Naryshkinsky - Maître de Ballet.
Varel Naryshkinsky - Ballerina.
*Winckle - Corporal of Police.

Chorus of Air-Force Officers, Peasants, Villagers, Mill Boys, Tulip Girls, School-girls, Policemen, Air Mechanics, Cookies, etc.

* These Characters were not in the original production.

Scenes and Settings


Scene 1.-The Tulip Fields.
Scene 2.-The Market Place. (Cloth.)
Scene 3.-Carl's Quarters at the Aerodrome.


Scene 1.-Outside the School Gates.
Scene 2.-The School Garden.


Scene 1.-Outside the School Gates.
Scene 2.-The School Corridor. (Cloth.)
Scene 3.-The School Dormitory.
Scene 4.-A Field near the School. (Cloth.)