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A musical play in 2 acts, 15 scenes; Music by Arthur Schwartz: Lyrics by Albert Stillman: Book by Owen Davis and Lawrence Stallings

Opened Center Theatre 2 September, 1937 (60 perfs)


When Fortesque of Drury Lane comes to America in 1775 with a company of London actors, he also brings with him a letter for General Washington. The loyalists attempt to prevent the letter's delivery but Fortesque quietly passes it to his leading lady, Sylvia Lawrence who, in turn, passes it on to Colonel Richard Fairfax, her American admirer. Although the British seize Fairfax he manages to get the letter through.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Virginia
  2. We Had To Rehearse
  3. An Old Flames Never Dies
  4. Send One Angel Down
  5. My Bridal Gown
  6. Good and Lucky
  7. It's Our Duty To Meet the King
  8. If You Were Somebody Else
  9. Goodbye, Jonah
  10. My Heart Is Dancing
  11. Meet Me At the Fair
  12. Why Must I Play the Lady?
  13. You And I Know
  14. Fee-Fie-Fum
  15. I'll Be Sittin' In De Lap O' De Lord