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Cover to Sheet music Yes, Madam?

A Musical comedy in 2 Acts

Music by Jack Waller and Joseph Tunbridge, Lyrics by R.P. Weston and Bert Lee. Book by R.P. Weston, Bert Lee and K.R.G. Browne based on the novel by K.R.G. Browne

London Hippodrome. Opened 27 September, 1934; closed 22 June, 1938 (302 Perfs)


Bill and Sally are working as domestic servants in the Yorkshire home of button manufacturer, Peabody and his indomitable sister. Tony Tolliver stands to inherit a fortune should the pair fail to survive incognito and undismissed in their jobs for two months, is out to get them to fail. There is another problem on the horizon, the lusty inamorata of Mr Peabody, the actress Pansy Beresford. Bill is told by Peabody to get back his love letters from Pansy as he is going into politics and does not wish to leave any traces of his former indiscretions about. But Bill bungles the attempt and is caught by the amorous actress.

In the end, in true musical comedy fashion, all turns out well: Tolliver gets Pansy, Billy and Sally get the cash - and each other - and Peabody is content with his peace of mind.

Principal Songs:

  1. Cat's Duet (Rossini)
  2. The Burglary
  3. Czechoslovakian Love
  4. Dreaming A Dream
  5. The Girl the Soldiers Always Leave Behind
  6. If Only You and I Had Met Before
  7. I'm Afraid Of Girls
  8. Laugh
  9. Outside the Flat
  10. Shakesperean Scene
  11. Sing Brothers
  12. Sitting Beside O' You
  13. Too Many Outdoor Sports
  14. What Are You Going To Do?
  15. Zip Tee Tootle-tee too Pom Pom (Finale)

Original Cast


Vivien Farnham, Margaret Ann, Adele Bagers, Daphne Blake, Peggy de Beer, Ann Coventry, Barbara Deams, Audrey Eastwood, Mary Taylor, Phoebe Savage, Patricia Stainer, Rosemary Rock, Elsie Fuller, Margaret Gordon, Betty Greaves, Myra Goad, Molly Hayward, Pat Lovegrove, Mary Lynn, Enid Dixon Orr, Pamela de Woolf, Pat Watson, Esme Oxley, Vera Laine.