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Yours, Anne

Music by Michael Cohen, libretto by Enid Futterman, based on "Anne Frank, the diary of a young girl" and the play by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Playhouse 91 Theatre (Off-Broadway) 13 October, 1985 - (57 perfs)


The renowned chronicle of two Jewish families hidden in a cramped garret in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation is now a loving and haunting musical. While remaining faithful to its deservedly acclaimed source, with all of its suspense and warmth and eternal optimism, the timeless story is enhanced by a most moving and lyrical score. Propelled by the undying faith of a young girl on tiptoes before life, Anne Frank's heartbreaking and ultimately uplifting diary still stirs our deepest emotions in a reminder of the innate goodness within us all.

Cast: 4 men, 4 women

Musical Numbers:

  1. Dear Kitty: I Am a Woman
  2. Dear Kitty: I Am Longing
  3. Dear Kitty: I Am Thirteen Years Old
  4. Dear Kitty: I Have A Nicer Side
  5. Dear Kitty: I Still Believe
  6. Dear Kitty: In the Night
  7. Dear Kitty: It's A Dangerous Adventure
  8. Dear Kitty: It's A New Year
  9. Dear Kitty: My Sweet Secret
  10. Dear Kitty: We Live With Fear
  11. The First Chanukah Night
  12. For the Children
  13. Hollywood
  1. I Remember
  2. I Think Myself Out
  3. I'm Not A Jew
  4. My Wife
  5. Nightmare
  6. An Ordinary Day
  7. Schlaf
  8. She Doesn't Understand Me
  9. Something To Get Up For
  10. They Don't Have To
  11. We're Here
  12. When We Are Free
  13. A Writer


flute db. clarinet, horn, piano (db. celeste, synthesizer), violin, cello