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Cover to OCRZombies From the Beyond

Book, music and lyrics by James Valcq

Players Theatre, Off-Broadway - 23 October, 1995 (72 perfs)


A musical comedy celebration of American ideals and foibles in the Eisenhower era. Songs, dances, and laughs abound in the unlikeliest of settings as the Cold War and space race paranoia threaten the good folks at the fictional Milwaukee Space Centre in 1955, where the staff is all a-buzz at the arrival of rocket scientist Trenton Corbett. The budding romance of Trenton and Mary, the daughter of Space Centre commander Major Malone, is jeopardised when a flying saucer lands in Milwaukee. The craft is piloted by Zombina, a buxom alien aviatrix bent on procuring he-specimens to repopulate her planet.

Can Mary uphold her ladylike demeanour while using her intelligence to save Milwaukee from a Red Menace and a flying saucer invasion? Can plucky delivery boy Billy ever get secretary Charlene to notice his tap-dancing charms? Can the stalwart men of Milwaukee survive brainwashing by a musical menace from another world who gives new meaning to "stratospheric" soprano?


4 men, 3 women.

Musical Numbers

  1. Prologue: The Sky's the Limit
  2. Flying Saucer
  3. Rocket-Roll
  4. Second Planet on the Right
  5. Blast off Baby
  6. Atomic Feet
  7. Saucer Descends
  8. Big Wig
  9. Rocket-Roll (Reprise)
  10. In the Stars
  11. Beauty Shop Opening
  12. Secret Weapon
  13. Zombies from the Beyond
  14. Dateline: Milwaukee
  15. Second Planet (Reprise)
  16. American Way
  17. I Am a Zombie
  18. Zombina's Broad-Cast
  19. Last Man on Earth
  20. Zombina Destroys Milwaukee
  21. Breaking the Sound Barrier
  22. Keep Watching the Skies


Keyboard/Conductor, Percussion, Accordion.