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(The Man With Three Wives)

An operetta in 3 Acts; (Music by Franz Lehár: Book and lyrics by Julius Bauer)


A Viennese travelling salesman who loves his wife as much as his home acquires "wives" in London as well as in Paris. When the three "wives" discover his scheme they get together to teach him a lesson. The story ends with the penitent sinner returning to his Viennese wife.

Details below based on the American version

An Operetta in 3 Acts. Book by Agnes Bangs Morgan, Paul M. Potter and Harold R. Atteridge. (Based on the Viennese original Der Mann mit den drei Frauen, libretto by by Julius Bauer.) Music by Franz Lehár. (Lyrics by Harold R. Atteridge and Paul M. Potter.)

Weber and Fields' 44th Street Theatre, New York Opened 23 January, 1913, closed 8 March 1913 (52 performances)

CAST (in order of appearance):

Tourists, Clerks, Officers, Pupils, etc.

Musical Numbers

  1. Opening Chorus - Tourists
  2. Love's Fairy Tales (Duet) - Rosa, Walter Smith
  3. There's Always a Girl Who is Waiting - Captain Adhemar, Girls
  4. The Temporary Widow (Quartette) - Lori, Hans Zifler, Rosa, Walter Smith
  5. The Vale of Dreaming (Lullaby) - Lori, Hans Zifler
  6. When You're Travelling - Hans Zifler, Girls
  7. Tootsie Wootsie (Duet) - Sidonie, Wendelin
  8. Man Is Faithful Till He's Caught (Duet) - Lori, Baron Pickford
  9. Vengeance (Trio) - Lori, Rosa, Baron Pickford
  10. Paris, Oh Festive Land (Finale Act 1) - Tourists
  11. Ballet - Ballet Girls
  12. The Poor Cadets - Ballet Girls
  13. Rose of Yesterday - Colette
  14. Kisses That I Have Missed (Duet) - Colette, Captain Adhemar
  15. Tempo Di Gavotte (Ballet Rehearsal) - Scholars
  16. Lullaby - Colette
  17. Woman of Temperament (Trio) - Lori, Colette, Hans Zifler
  18. Entrance of Ballet - Colette, Scholars
  19. To London (Grand Finale Act 2) - Company
  20. All in a Little Dance - Olivia, Maids
  21. Hello, Hello (Duet) (Music by Al W. Brown. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge.) - Sidonie, Wendelin
  22. Love's Flower Is Always Blooming (Trio) - Lori, Colette, Olivia
  23. We Are Free (Sextette) - Lori, Colette, Olivia, Hans Zifler, Captain Adhemar, Baron Pickford
  24. Cupids Soldiers (Finale) - Company


2 Female, 3 Male, SATB Chorus.

Sets: 3

Scenes and Settings

Orchestra: 2222/4231/Perc/Hp/Strings

Language Version: G