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Mack and Mabel Samuel French Samuel French Revised Version only
Mad Libs Live Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
Maddie Warner Chappell Music
Madeline's Christmas
Dramatic Publishing
Madison Avenue Samuel French Samuel French
Magdalena Weinberger Music Theatre International
Maggie May Weinberger
Magic Fishbone, The
Dramatic Publishing
Magic Toyshop, The
Dramatic Publishing
Magical Adventures of Merlin, The Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
Magical Pinata, The
Dramatic Publishing
Magnificent Dream Machine, The Earwig Productions    
Magyar Melody Samuel French Samuel French
Maid of the Mountains Samuel French Samuel French
Make Me a Song Weinberger Music Theatre International NR
Make Me a World Warner-Chappell
Make Me An Offer Samuel French Samuel French
Mame MusicScope Tams-Witmark
Man of La Mancha MusicScope Tams-Witmark
Man of No Importance, A Weinberger Music Theatre International
Mandarin, The Out of copyright
March of the Falsettos
Samuel French
Marie Christine Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
Marilyn the Musical - now renamed as The Marilyn Monroe Show NJB Productions Ltd    
Marlene Weinberger
Marry Me A Little Weinberger Music Theatre International NR
Martin Guerre Weinberger Music Theatre International
Masquerade (Argent)

Masquerade (Maschwitz) Samuel French Samuel French
Matchgirls, The Samuel French Samuel French
Me and Juliet Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
Me and My Girl Samuel French Samuel French TW
Me Nobody Knows, The Samuel French
Samuel French
Meet Me in St. Louis MusicScope Tams-Witmark
Melissa and the Magic Nutcracker
Dramatic Publishing
Melody Lingers On, The Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
Melvin the Pelican
Dramatic Publishing
Mercenary Mary Samuel French Samuel French
Merrie England Warner-Chappell
Merrily We Roll Along Weinberger Music Theatre International
Merry Gentlemen Samuel French Samuel French
Merry Widow From Bluegum Creek, The Josef Weinberger/Glocken Verlag
Merry Widow, The Glocken Verlag Tams-Witmark
Metropolis Creative Theatre Productions
Mid Life! The Crisis Musical Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
Middle of Nowhere, The Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
Midnight Cry: The Underground Railroad to Freedom, A
Dramatic Publishing
Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, The   Samuel French
Midsummer Night's Dream, A
Dramatic Publishing
Mikado, The Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
Milk and Honey
Minnie's Boys
Miracle Child Starshine Music
Mirette Josef Weinberger Music Theatre International
Misérables, Les Josef Weinberger Music Theatre International NR
Misérables, Les (Schools Edition) Josef Weinberger Music Theatre International  
Miss Hook Of Holland Samuel French Samuel French
Miss Liberty Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
Miss Saigon Weinberger Music Theatre International
Mississippi Pinocchio
Dramatic Publishing
Mitford Girls, The Warner Chappell Music Warner Chappell
Mitislaw der moderne Glocken Verlag
Moby Dick! The Musical Josef Weinberger Music Theatre International
Moll Flanders Samuel French Samuel French  
Moments of Christmas Warner-Chappell
Monky Business
Dramatic Publishing
Monky Business II: Back in the Sandals Again!
Dramatic Publishing
Monsters - the Musical   G.P. Productions Inc
Most Happy Fella Weinberger Music Theatre International
Mothering Heights
Dramatic Publishing
Mothers and Daughters French
Mozart - (German, Dutch, English, Japanese) Vereinigte Bühnen Wien Vereinigte Bühnen Wien Released in some cases by special arangement
Mr Christmas Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
Mr Cinders Warner-Chappell
Mr Mark Twain   Tobriand Music Company
Mr President Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
Mr. Herman and the Cave Company
Dramatic Publishing
Mr. Scrooge
Dramatic Publishing
Mulan (Disney - Junior) Weinberger Music Theatre International
Mumblety Peg   Miracle Or 2 Productions  
Mummy Musical, The
Dramatic Publishing
Music In the Air Warner-Chappell
Music Man, The Josef Weinberger Music Theatre International
Musical Importance of Being Earnest Samuel French Samuel French
Musical of Musicals Samuel French Samuel French PR
My Fair Lady MusicScope Tams-Witmark
My Favorite Year Weinberger Music Theatre International
My Life With Albertine Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein
My Name Is Alice, A
Samuel French
My Night at Jacques'
Dramatic Publishing
My Old Friends
Samuel French
My One and Only MusicScope Tams-Witmark
Myths and Hymns Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein