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Peter und Paul inm Schlaraffenland

(Peter and Paul in the Land of Milk and Honey - A Fairy Tale)

(1906) Music by Franz Lehár: Book and lyrics by Robert Bodanzky and Fritz Grünbaum


The two lazy apprentices Peter and Paul run away from their master, cobbler Kneipp and his quarrelsome wife. In an inn they hear of the Land of Cockaigne, where the Idle are well thought of, and decide to visit there They reach it by moonlight and are offered citizenship if they can win an eating competition. They do so, but decide not to stay and run away, pursued by the King of Cockaigne; their evil spirit Schlendrianus tries to stop them, but the good fairy Laborosa breaks the spell and on Christmas Eve they return, somewhat chastened, to the cobbler and his wife, who themselves have meanwhile reformed.


3 Female, 2 Mate, 4 Children, SATB & Children's Chorus.

Sets: 6

Orchestra: 2222/423/Perc/Hp/Strings

Language Version: G