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A Day in Hollywood
ocr recording cover - A Night in the Ukraine

Lyrics by Dick Vosburgh - Music by Frank Lazarus with contributions by Jerry Herman, Trevor Lyttleton, Richard Whiting, Ange Lorenzo

Mayfair Theatre, London - 28 March, 1979 (168 perfs)
Royale Theatre, Broadway - 1 May, 1980 (588 perfs)

A DAY IN HOLLYWOOD is the first half of this entertainment which takes us to the lobby of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in the 30s where 6 members of the ushering staff sing a musical tribute to the screen stars and productions of that magical era.

A NIGHT IN THE UKRAINE, a Marx Brothers movie the brothers never made, is set in the stately mansion of Mrs Pavlenko, a wealthy Ukrainian widow and introduces us to character types as featured in the Marx Brothers' films.

The mini-musical A NIGHT IN THE UKRAINE is based on Chekov's one-act play The Bear.

Musical Numbers:

(Songs are by Vosburgh and Lazarus unless otherwise noted)

Act 1

  1. Just Go to the Movies (Music and lyrics by Jerry Herman)
  2. Famous Feet
  3. I Love a Film Cliché
  4. Nelson (Music and lyrics by Herman)
  5. The Best in the World (Music and lyrics by Herman)
  6. It All Comes Out of the Piano
  7. Ain't We Got Fun (Music by Richard A. Whiting, lyrics By Gus Kahn and Raymond B. Egan)
  8. Too Marvelous for Words (Music by Whiting, lyrics by Johnny Mercer)
  9. Japanese Sandman (Music by Whiting, lyrics by Egan)
  10. On the Good Ship Lollipop (Music by Whiting, lyrics by Sidney Clare)
  11. Double Trouble (Music by Whiting and Ralph Rainger, lyrics by Leo Robin)
  12. Louise (Music by Whiting, lyrics by Robin)
  13. Sleepy Time Gal (Music by Whiting and Ange Lorenzo, lyrics by Egan and Joseph R. Alden)
  14. Beyond the Blue Horizon (Music by Whiting and W. Franke Harling, lyrics by Robin)
  15. Thanks for the Memory (Music by Rainger, lyrics by Robin)
  16. Another Memory
  17. Doin' the Production Code
  18. A Night in the Ukraine

Act 2

  1. Samovar the Lawyer
  2. Just Like That
  3. Again
  4. A Duel! A Duel!
  5. Natasha
  6. A Night in the Ukraine (Reprise)