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Cover to cast recording

Operetta; 3 acts; Libretto by Albert Willemetz: Music by Henri Christiné:

Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens, Paris 10 November, 1921
Garrick Theatre, London. 17th October. 1922 (50 perfs)


We are in a shoe shop “The Bruised Foot”. It is a strange shop, which has neither customers nor owner, according to the three comely young ladies who have just been taken on. There had been an owner, Monsieur Chausson, whose business was not brilliant and had found the only solution was to sell the shop.

A sharp customer, his wife, the young and beautiful Odette, has persuaded her beloved, André de la Huchette (Dédé to his friends) to buy it, dazzling him with the idea that it would be an ideal spot for their rendez-vous. In fact there is a certain Maître Leroydet, a notary, who, every day, pretending to be looking for comfortable shoes, comes a-courting, the head seamstress for the shop. A hopeless courtship because the said seamstress, Denise, is in love with Dédé.

Enter Robert d’Auvergne, André’s friend. A bon vivant, a shameless gambler, he has just lost, in Monte Carlo, all that remained of the family fortune. Dédé drops in to meet Odette. He comes across Robert. Learning that he is on his uppers, he nominates him as boss of the shop.

Then begin the most unrealistic misunderstandings, through which parade all sorts of people: Monsieur Chausson, policemen, a commissioner, music hall dancers, plus the “Delegation of the Federation” who, demonstrating about working hours (one and a quarter hours a day), the holidays, (Saturday, Monday and every afternoon) and the salaries (100 francs an hour) has come in order to sack the staff and comes down from the first floor with three new employees “feeling that it has accomplished its mission”. An d all this imbroglio, perfectly organised by Albert Willemetz, is punctuated by a series of choruses, duets and ensembles, coming one after another at a devilish rhythm. Finally, Maître Leroydet is to spend several days in prison, Robert is to win the favour of the beautiful Odette and Dédé will marry Denise.


Musical Numbers

  1. Ah, la drôle de boutique - Chorus of Shopgirls
  2. J'avais tout ça - Leroydet
  3. Et voilà comment cet excellent jeune homme
  4. Dédé's entrance - Chorus of shopgirls
  5. Dans la vie faut pas s'en faire - Robert and Dédé
  6. Elle porte un nom charmant - Dédé
  7. Tango, lorsqu tu nous tiens - Dédé and Odette
  8. En voyant nos dessous - Chorus and ensemble
  9. Pour bien réussir dans la chaussure -
    Quelle est cette poule -
    C'est la femme du préfer de police - Robert and Ensemble
  10. Je m'donne - Robert
  11. Oh, Madame, je vous trouve exquise - Robert and Dédé
  12. Si j'avais su évidemment - Denise and Robert
  13. Au nom de la fédération - The Delegates
  14. Le désir, déjà - Odette and Dédé
  15. Finale Act 2 - Quelle drôle de boutique - Ensemble
  16. J'ose pas - Robert and Odette
  17. Tous les chemins mènent à l'amour - Denise and Dédé
  18. Finale - Si j'avais su - Ensemble