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(The Life of Jesse James)

A Saloon Musical in 2 acts: Book. Jim Wann: Original Music and Lyrics, Bland Simpson, Jim Wann: Musical Numbers Staged by Patricia Birch; Director, John L. Haber; Music Consultant, Mel Marvin; Design Adviser, Larry King; Sound, Laddy Savetin; Production Assistant, Ceci Conway

Westside Theatre, Off-Broadway - Opened14th January, 1975. Closed 3rd August, 1975 (232 perfs)


A rip roaring country and western rendition of the Jesse James saga that even had New York critics stomping their feet to the music. Jesse James is seen as a frustrated Southerner at the end of the Civil War, hamstrung by Northern limits imposed on the losers' personal freedom. He turns to bank and train robbery, ultimately to be done in by his pal, Bob Ford, for the sake of reward and publicity.

Original Cast:

Musical Numbers:

  1. Jesse James Robbed This Train,
  2. These Southern States That I Love,
  3. The Year of Jubilo
  4. The Unreconstructed Rebel,
  5. Mama Fantastic,
  6. Saloon Piano,
  7. I Don't Need a Man to Know I'm Good,
  8. Northfield, Minnesota,
  9. King Cole
  10. New Prisoner's Song,
  11. K. C. Line,
  12. Cakewalk into Kansas City,
  13. When I Was a Cowboy,
  14. Pancho Villa,
  15. Put It Where the Moon Don't Shine,
  16. Sleepy Time Down South,
  17. Bright Morning Star,
  18. When I Get the Call


Piano/Conductor’s Score