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Musical in 2 Acts, 14 Scenes: Book by John R. Powers, based on his novel of the same name. Music and lyrics by James Quinn, Alaric Jans.

Alvin Theatre, Broadway - Opened 27th May, 1982: closed 30th May, 1982(5 perfs)


This "coming of age" story involves the 1950s Catholic education of eight Chicago children, following them from the start of elementary school through the senior prom and beyond.

Along the way it touches on such topics as first confessions, puppy love, patron saints, teacher's pets, sex education classes, and the importance of wearing panties under the school uniform's plaid pleated skirt. The main focus is on late-blooming Eddie Ryan and chubby Becky Bakowski, who become best friends, fall in love, and then go their separate ways when Becky decides to join a convent.

Musical Numbers

  1. Get Ready, Eddie - The Company
  2. The Greatest Gift - Sister Helen. the Kids
  3. It's the Nuns - The Kids, the Nuns
  4. Little Fat Girls - Becky, Eddie
  5. Cookie Cutters - Sister Lee, Becky
  6. Patron Saints - Father O'Reilly, Eddie, the Kids, the Nuns
  7. Private Parts - Father O'Reilly, the Boys
  8. How Far Is Too Far - The Girls, the Boys
  9. Finale Act 1 - The Company
  10. Doo-waa, Doo-wee - Louie, the Company
  11. I Must Be in Love - Eddie
  12. Friends, the Best Of - Becky, Eddie
  13. Mad Bombers and Prom Queens" Felix, Virginia, the Kids
  14. Late Bloomer and Prom Montage - Eddie, the Kids
  15. Friends, the Best Of (reprise) - Becky, Eddie
  16. Thank God - The Company


(in order of appearance):

Scenes and Settings

Act I: Elementary School.

  • Scene I: St. Bastion's School: The Present.
  • Scene 2: Second Grade at St. Bastion's.
  • Scene 3: Confession at St. Bastion's Church.
  • Scene 4: The Playground—Fifth Grade.
  • Scene 5: Fifth Grade at St. Bastion's.
  • Scene 6: Confession at St. Bastion's Church.
  • Scene 7: Eighth Grade at St. Bastion's.

Act 2: High School.

  • Scene l: The Freshman Mixer in the Gym of St. Patrick Bremmer High School for Boys.
  • Scene 2: The Front Yard of Becky's House—A year later.
  • Scene 3: Confession at St. Bastion's Church.
  • Scene 4: The Athletic Fields of St. Patrick Bremmer & St. Ann's High Schools—Senior Year.
  • Scene 5: The Night of the Senior Prom.
  • Scene 6: Becky's Hospital Room.
  • Scene 7: The Present.