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The Fun of the Fayre

Revue devised by John Hastings Turner. Music and Lyrics: Augustus Barratt, Stanley Damerell, Anne Caldwell, Jerome Kern, et al.

London Pavilion, 17 October 1921

The Cast included:

Irene Browne, Joan Clarkson, The Dolly Sisters, Geoffrey Gwyther, Morris Harvey, June, Evelyn Laye, Alfred Lester, Clifton Webb, Walter Williams

The Programme included:

  1. Germs
  2. January, February
  3. The World's All Right, It's the People Living In It
  4. Whose Baby Are You? (Kern-Caldwell)
  5. The Cocktail Curse
  6. Longing Waltz
  7. Little Spiders, Pretty Spiders
  8. Let's Dance Thro' the Life (Yvain)
  9. The English Rose
  10. Beauty's Charms
  11. Girls, Girls
  12. Grandma's Days
  13. Nell of Drury Lane