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Musical. Book and lyrics by Ronald Alexander. Music by Diane Leslie.
This is not the 1923 musical comedy of the same name


Based on the hit Broadway play Time Out For Ginger by renowned playwright Ronald Alexander, this exciting musical is the latest creation of the original playwright and the brilliant composer Diane Leslie, who has written a soaring score. Teen-age Ginger is urged to get some pom poms, learn some cute moves, and try out for cheerleader. Somehow this does not strike Ginger as the most fulfilling thing she could do with her life. In a spirited flash of rebellion, she decides she's not going to help lead cheers for the football team. She's going to play on it. In a rousing song, she sings her decision, "I'm gonna go for it!"

When the original play opened on Broadway, the New York Times critic described it as "Highly enjoyable comedy ... the theme of the tomboy who finds herself ditched by her boy friend for conduct unbecoming a girl leads to some tender moments ... that not only amuse but move an audience." Actually Ginger has something going for her on the football field because, as it happens, she can run faster than anyone else in the school. To the pleasure and consternation of her friends and family, Ginger makes the team. Another New York critic described the situation as "Hilarious all right, but it is also human and touching." The musical has a new and sophisticated viewpoint, that of a young woman who, in a flash of memory revisits this unique experience of her youth, and takes something from it that's important to her life now.

Cast: 5m., 6w.

Area staging.

Audition tape available.