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1 Act Musical: Book and Lyrics by John Wimbs; Music by Michael Shaieb and Brent Lord

Running time - 90 mins.

Who wouldn’t want to party on Go-Go Beach? It’s full of beautiful girls, cool surfer dudes, and one runaway Hollywood starlet. In the 1960’s, it’s the perfect setting to fall in and out of love to the beat of an original score inspired by the California sound.


It's the biggest weekend of the summer for the gang at the beach, with plans for a surfing race and the annual luau. Surfer Woody's carefree and innocent California life is everything a boy could want: his future is set with the cutest girl on the beach, he's got a great bunch of friends, and he has never wiped out. But when his old surfing pal Bulldog comes back from the emerging flower power scene in San Francisco, Woody's eyes are opened to a new perspective and he begins to question his seemingly perfect world. Things get really complicated when he falls for a runaway teen pop star… and Woody is forced to face his truth and discover the real meaning of life.

Musical Numbers

  1. Prologue
  2. Go-Go Beach
  3. Duke Kahanmoku's Roadsters And Jalopies
  4. His Smile Told Me So
  5. In San Francisco
  6. A Boy And A Girl
  7. Girls in Bikinis
  8. A Boy Like You
  9. The Formula For Love
  10. Go-Go Mania
  11. A Day Like Today
  12. Don't Look The Other Way
  13. Surfin' Race - In The Wave
  14. The Love That Cannot Be
  15. It's All About Love


NOTE: All the characters are '60s pop-culture archetypes--instantly recognizable characters from the media landscape of the era.


Keyboard 1 (Piano/Conductor); Keyboard 2; Guitar; Bass; Drums