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Sheet Music from Phil the Fluter

adapted from the radio play by Donal Giltinan by Donal Giltinan and Beverley Cross. Music by Percy French. Additional music by David Heneker

Gaiety Theatre, Dublin. Palace Theatre, London 13 November, 1969 as Phil the Fluter (125 perfs)


The show is based on the life of the celebrated Irish entertainer, Percy French.

A tale of real-life Irish songwriter, Percy French, and the mythical Phil McHugh, known as Phil the Fluter. For various reasons Phil appears in many disguises, including a nun, a French maid, a bearded Scots plumber, a cockney footman, and as Oscar Wilde. Meanwhile Percy is being pursued by Mrs Fitzmaurice, a society woman with a shady past and a taste for handsome young men.

Principal Songs:

  1. They Don't Make Them Like That Any More
  2. You Like It
  3. If I Had A Chance
  4. Mama
  5. A Favour For A Friend
  6. Good Money
  7. How Would You Like Me?
  8. Abdoul Abulbul Ameer
  9. I Shouldn't Have To Be the One To Tell You
  10. Follow Me
  11. Are You Right There Michael?
  12. Follow Me
  13. That's Why the Poor Man's Dead
  14. Wonderful Woman

Cast: gy - pf