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Goodnight Vienna

Book and lyrics by Eric Maschwitz. Music by George Posford. Additional lyrics by Harold Purcell

First produced as a radio musical 14 November, 1934. Stage musical toured extensively

According to Kurt Ganzl, writing in Vol II of The British Musical Theatre, Good Night Vienna is a sufficiently English imitation of things Viennese, doling out enough basic song, dance, comedy and sentiment to appeal to audiences. The clichéd story is one of lofty "he" and lowly "she" who have their fortunes reversed by war with him ending up as a waiter in the café to which she comes, rich and famous, and so forth.


Max is an Austrian officer in the army and son of a highly placed general. His father wants him to marry a Countess but he has fallen in love with Vicki. Attending a party given in his honour, they are informed that war has broken out. Max writes a note to Vicki and goes off to war. Unfortunately the note is lost. Some time after the war, Max is just a shoe shop assistant while Vicki is now a famous singer. They meet and at first she snubs him but then falls in love with him again.