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Cover to original cast recording

(The Happiest Man Alive)

Music and Lyrics by David Heneker
Libretto by Beverley Cross, based on the novels, Jorrocks Jaunts & Jollities and Handley Cross, of R.S. Surtees

New Theatre, London 22 September, 1966 (181 Perfs)

The Story

(Early Victorian England)

John Jorrocks, Master-of-Foxhounds, is a social hero among the hunting fraternity. This successful huntsman and grocer's praises are even sung by the men in his tea warehouse. They also chorus the charms of his niece and ward, Belinda.

The domineering Mrs. Jorrocks, however, finds her husband's hunting, eating and drinking habits more than a little irksome. When she receives less than what she considers her rightful degree of social acknowledgment at the inauguration of Mr. Jorrocks as Master-of-Foxhounds for Handley Cross Spa, she plans his overthrow. She is aided in her plans by Marmaduke Muleygrubs, Dr. Roger Swizzle and Captain Misererrimus Doleful. The latter refuses to promote Jorrocks as Spa's patron in succession to Mrs. Barnington, despite his earlier convictions.

A comical but seldom sober huntsman from Newcastle named James Pigg helps Mr. Jorrocks immeasurably in the field. It is Charlie Stobbs, engaged to marry Belinda, who is able to aid Mr. Jorrocks in a legal way. His skill as a lawyer is sufficient to expose the scheming of the Handley Cross 'black sheep' and our lovable 'h'-dropping hero emerges triumphant as the 'appiest man alive.

Principal Characters

(plus Chorus)

John Jorrocks (bass)
Belinda (soprano or mezzo)
Charlie Stobbs (baritone)
Mrs. Jorrocks (mezzo)
Captain Doleful (baritone)
Dr. Roger Swizzle (tenor)
James Pigg (baritone)

Principal Musical Numbers

  1. Ask Mr Jorrocks - (Jorrocks, Benjamin, Porters & Clerks)
  2. Belinda - (Benjamin, Charlie & Company)
  3. The Happiest Man Alive - (Jorrocks, Mrs. Jorrocks, Charlie, Belinda, Doleful)
  4. We'd Imagine a Man - (Muleygrubs & Dr. Swizzle)
  5. Toasts of the Town - (Mrs Jorrocks, Doleful, Dr. Swizzle)
  6. The Midsummer Fox - (Charlie and Company)
  7. I Don't Want To Say Goodnight - (Belinda and Charlie)
  8. The Hounds of John Jorrocks - (Jorrocks, Pigg & Company)
  9. Love Your Neighbour - (Jorrocks and Comapny)
  10. A Little Bit Individual - (Jorrocks)
  11. You Can Depend On Me - (Belinda, Jorrocks)
  12. I Well Recall the Day - (Mrs Jorrocks & Doleful)
  13. I Don't Want to Behave Like a Lady - (Belinda)
  14. Once He's In He'll Never Get Out - (Doleful, Moleygrubs, Dr. Swizzle)
  15. The Sport of Kings - (Jorrocks & Company)
  16. Jorrocks - (The Company)  


(Total number of books = 20)

2 Violins I

1 Clarinet I

1 Trombone I

1 Violin II

1 Clarinet II

1 Trombone II

1 Viola

1 Bassoon

1 Percussion

1 Cello

1 Horn I

1 Piano

1 Double Bass

1 Horn I

1 Conductor Score- annotated vocal score

1 Flute/Picc

1 Trumpet I

1 Oboe

1 Trumpet II


Original London Cast Recording - HMV CLP 3591