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The Phantom of the Opera

Book and lyrics by Joseph Robinette. Music by Robert Chauls. Based on the book by Gaston Leroux.


This exciting new musicalisation goes to the essence of Gaston Leroux's classic love story as it weaves the lives of the singer, Christine, her suitor, Raoul, and the omnipresent "Opera Ghost" into a tapestry of love, mystery and intrigue in 19th Century France. It also takes full advantage of the often neglected humour in this classical thriller.

In addition to the principals, we meet the good-hearted opera managers, Moncharmin and Richard, the relentless commissary of police, Mifroid, and the mysterious visitor who is known only as "The Persian." The prima donna Carlotta, who inexplicably loses her voice, the delightful usher Mame Giry and the wise Mamma Valerius, confident of Christine, round out the leading women in the cast.

A chorus of four or more play a number of other roles vital to the story. The versatile score ranges from rollicking chorus numbers to enchanting duets and memorable solos. Eminently singable, the music does not require operatic voices for its success. It is well within the range of most producing groups.


6m., 4w., flexible chorus of 4-6 or more.

Scenes and Settings

Two interior sets. With the musical's first act set backstage at the Opera House and the second in the Phantom's lair (with two side rooms in both acts), the set design may be as simple or elaborate as desired. This authentic Phantom of the Opera provides a unique opportunity for any cast, whether amateur or professional.