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Princess Ju-Ju

or The Golden Amulet (O Mamori)

A Japanese Operetta in 3 Acts; Book, Music and Lyrics by Clementine Ward



FESTIVITIES are being held in honour of the coming of age of the Emperor's daughter, the Princess Ju Ju. A noble Prince (who it was foretold by a wise woman at her birth would appear to claim her as his bride) is expected by the Emperor. The Prince however, arrives with two companions, disguised as lowly minstrels, and having been robbed on their journey of all documents and jewels, are mistaken for impostors (and maybe assassins of the real prince). They are ordered away to the deepest dungeon cell, there to await execution on the morrow, amidst general lamentations.


Princess Ju Ju, whose heart tells her the Prince is no impostor, has escaped in disguise from the castle, and seeks an interview in the Enchanted Glen with Abud Hiram, a magician of great renown, and begs his aid to prove the Prince's innocence. He promises her that in a deep sleep she shall discover the hiding place of the robbers, and wake to find herself in possession of the stolen documents, etc. In an Incantation Scene he summons the Spirits of the Night to his aid, who, casting a spell over the Princess, sends her to sleep. The curtain descends as the Princess, singing in her sleep, slowly moves off stage, beckoned and led by the Spirits of the Night.


This Act opens on the morning of the next day, when all are assembled to witness the execution of the princes. The Lord High Executioner (who has been away on a visit to his grandmother in the country, who is ill) not having yet returned, it is suggested that the Prince and his companions could not spend their last hours more profitably than by entertaining the Court with song and dance. This they bravely endeavour to do, much amusement being caused by Fu Shu, who is in mortal terror at the idea of losing his head. The Executioner arrives in due time (when follows a characteristic action song and chorus, " Heads ") and the prisoners prepare to die; when the Princess suddenly appears on the scene, accompanied by the Spirits of the Night, and describes in song how, by the aid of their magical spells, she has discovered the proof of the prisoners' innocence. She produces the Golden Amulet, on seeing which, the Emperor relents and bestows his blessing and her hand on the Prince, and all unite in singing a joyful finale, " Ring the merry bridal bells."

Musical Numbers:


Chorus - Wave the flags
Recit (Princess) - My kindly friends
Song and Semi-Chorus (Maidens) - When a maiden comes of age
Solo (La La) - She must be demure
Chorus - Hail to the land of the rising sun
Action Song (Emperor) and Chorus - I am the mighty Hokipokitippitoptop
Dance of the Dragon Flies
Solo (Prince) and Chorus - Three poor wandering minstrels we . . (With humming accompaniment.)
Solo (Emperor and Ju Ju) and Chorus - To the dungeon cell


Part Song (Spirits of the Night) - Night, lovely night
Dance(Spirits of the Night)
Song (Ju Ju) - A little Jap's heart is breaking
Solo (Magician) and Chorus - Spirits of mystic night


Chorus - Rosy morn is breaking
Solo (Prince) - Minstrels' Song (With humming accompaniment.)
Umbrella Dance (Minstrels)
Action Song (Executioner) and Chorus - I'm the Lord High Executioner
Song (Prince) and Chorus - Farewell, Love
Recit and Song. (Ju Ju) - Ah, stay your hand: . See the proofs
Chorus - Saved from death
Recit (Emperor) - Bless you, my children
Chorus - Ring the merry bridal bells

Cast of Characters

Princess Ju Ju - The Emperor's Daughter
La La, Fly Fly, Cherry Blossom - Maidens attendant on Princess
Sing Song
Sob See
Lunar - Goddess of Night
The Emperor Hokipokitippitoptop - A Peppery Potentate
Ching Ching - His Adviser
Prince Shee Ma Guin - Disguised as Minstrel
Prince Fu Shu - Disguised as Minstrel
Prince Go Bang
Abud Hiram - A Magician
The Lord High Executioner - With axe
Dragon Flies - Dancing Maidens