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Cover to original cast recording

A musical entertainment. Book and lyrics by Maria Irene Fornes; Music by Rev. Al Carmines

Promenade Theatre, Off-Broadway - 4 June 1969 (259 perfs)


A musical entertainment that sees world through the eyes of two prisoners, Numbers 105 and 106.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Promenade Theme Orchestra
  2. Unrequited Love
  3. The Cigarette Song
  4. A Flower
  5. Isn't That Clear?
  6. Two Little Angels
  7. Four
  8. Chicken Is He
  9. The Passing of Time
  10. Crown Me
  11. Capricious and Fickle
  12. The Moment Has Passed
  13. Little Fool
  14. The Clothes Make the Man
  15. A Poor Man
  16. Listen, I Feel
  17. I Saw a Man
  18. All Is Well In the City