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Radio Times

OCR Cover

A Musical in 2 acts. Music by Noel Gay, book by Abi Grant, book devised by Robin Miller, original conception by Alex Armitage, Additional lyrics by Don Black and Chris Walker; additional material and book revisions by Paul Alexander and Alex Armitage

Queen's Theatre, 15 October, 1992


Set in London's Criterion Theatre in the Spring of 1941, Radio Times traces the struggles of the cast of Variety Bandwagon, a BBC light entertainment show, broadcasting for the first time live to America.

Musical Numbers

  1. Overture - The Band
  2. Turn On the Music - Wilf, Amy, Jeeps, Olive & the Grosvenors
  3. La Di Da Di Da - Sammy & the Company
  4. You've Done Something To My Heart - Jeeps
  5. Hey Little Hen - Wilf & the Grosvenors
  6. Laughing At the Rain - Wilf
  7. Just One More - Olive & Gary
  8. I Took My Harp To A Party - Bultitude
  9. Hello To the Sun - Wilf, Olive, Amy, Bultitude, Sammy & the Grosvenors
  10. Let the People Sing - Sammy, Wilf, Olive, Amy, Bultitude, & the Grosvenors
  11. Melody Maker Man - Gary & the Grosvenors
  12. Who's Been Polishing the Sun? - Sammy & the Company
  13. Someone Else - Olive
  14. Soldier/Sailor Medley: Olive, Amy & the Grosvenors
    1. The King's Horses
    2. The Fleet's In Port Again
    3. There's Something About A Soldier
    4. A Girl Who Loves A Soldier
  15. Oh Buddy, I'm In Love - Gary
  16. Ali Baba's Camel - Sammy, Wilf, Amy, Olive, & the Grosvenors
  17. Run Rabbit Run - the Grosvenors
  18. All for the Love Of A Lady - Olive, Bultitude & the Grosvenors
  19. I'm Sending My Blessings - Amy
  20. My Thanks To You - Sammy
  21. Song Of Tomorrow - Company


The Cast M5 F2 and The Grosvenors (variable casting of six or more)

The Scene simple settings

Rehearsal material 2 piano/conductor scores and 15 vocal scores on hire

Orchestral material on hire: Piano, Violin, Trumpet I & II, Trombone I & II, Percussion, Reed I, II, III, IV, Bass, Guitar.


2 Flute/Clarinet; 2 Clarinet; 2 Trumpet; 2 Trombone; Violin, Guitar/Banjo; Drums/Percussion; Bass