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Cover to cast recordingThe Red Mill

Operetta in 2 Acts. Music by Victor Herbert : Original book & lyrics by Henry Blossom. New Book by Milton Lazarus: Additional lyrics by Forman Brown. Musical arrangements by Edward Ward: As produced by Edwin Lester at the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera Association

Knickerbocker Theatre, Broadway - 24 September, 1906
Empire Theatre, London - 26 December, 1919

Ziegfeld Theatre, Broadway - 16 October, 1945
Palace Theatre, London - 1 May, 1947 (revision by Harold Purcell


Two Americans, "Kid" Conner and "Con" Kidder are in Holland. Tina, daughter of the proprietor of the local Inn, befriends the two. She tells her father Willem that Kid and Con plan to make her a Broadway "star." Unable to pay for their stay at the Inn, the two attempt to escape through a window, but are caught by the local Burgomaster, who forces them to pay off their hotel bill by working for as waiter and "interpreter" for the tourists.

The Burgomaster's daughter, Gretchen, has been promised in marriage to the Governor of Zeeland, a man for whom she has no interest. Bertha, the Burgomaster's sister, helps Gretchen avoid this arranged marriage by hiding her in the "haunted" Red Mill. Gretchen really loves a young sailor, Christian. Kid and Con agree to help Gretchen elope with Chris, provided they can sail with them to New York. The Burgomaster learns of these plans and detains Christian; meanwhile his daughter cannot be found!

It is the day of the wedding. The Governor, who actually has a long-standing affection for Bertha, arrives. Terrified he'll learn of Gretchen's absence, the Burgomaster offers a reward for her discovery and hires the finest detectives in Europe. Kid and Con arrive for the job, disguised as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

After much romantic subterfuge, known to all but the Burgomaster, Bertha, heavily veiled, takes the place of Gretchen at the wedding and marries the Governor. Both Gretchen and Chris suddenly reappear, and when the Burgomaster learns from Pennyfeather, a family retainer, that Christian is actually the son of a wealthy banker, he consents to a double marriage, and forgives Con and Kid for their duplicity. Everything ends happily with the joyful prospect of a voyage for the young people back to America, to prosperity and to the excitement of life in Old New York!


Male 10; Female 10; Plus Chorus

Musical Numbers:

  1. Overture - Orchestra
  2. By the Side of the Mill - Chorus
  3. I'll Tell You All, Mignonette - Tina
  4. You Can Tell - Burgomaster, Willem
  5. A Widow Has Ways - Bertha
  6. Go While the Goin' Is Good - Gretchen
  7. Whistle It - Tina
  8. The Isle of Our Dreams - Doris & Gretchen
  9. An Accident - Ensemble
  10. Moonbeams - Gretchen
  11. Gossip Chorus - Company
  12. Legend of the Mill - Bertha
  13. I Want You To Marry Me - Con & Tina
  14. Every Day is Ladies' Day With Me - Governor
  15. Because You're You - Governor & Bertha
  16. The Streets of Old New York - Con & Kid
  17. Wedding Chorus - Company


Violin 1 & 2; Cello; Bass; Reed 1, 2, 3 & 4; Horn; Trumpet 1, 2 & 3; Trombone 1 & 2; Percussion 1 & 2; Guitar 1 & 2; Piano; Electric Piano


Decca Broadway Operettas : 440 018 729-2

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