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Cover to a cast recordingRobin Hood

A comic opera in 3 acts; Music by Reginald de Koven. Book and Lyrics by Harry B. Smith.

Opened 28 September, 1891 at the Standard Theatre, New York (35 perfs)
Reopened 16 May, 1892 at the Garden Theatre, New York (42 perfs)


The story is the conventional one about Robin Hood: Robert, the Earl of Huntington, is stripped of his title, becomes Robin Hood, robbing the rich to help the poor, with the moral assistance of Maid Marian, until his title is restored. All the popular characters are there, Will Scarlett, Friar Tuck, the Sheriff of Nottingham just as they are in contemporary versions of the story.

Musical Numbers

  1. Introduction and opening chorus
  2. Auctioneer's Song
  3. Milkmaid's Song
  4. Entrance of Robin Hood ("Come the Bowmen in Lincoln Green")
  5. I Came As a Cavalier
  6. Come Dream So Bright
  7. I Am the Sheriff of Nottingham
  8. When a Peer Makes Love to a Damsel Fair
  9. Finale Act 1
  10. Oh Cheerily Soundeth the Hunter's Horn
  11. (Song of) Brown October Ale
  12. Oh, Promise Me (lyrics by Clement Scott)
  13. The Tinker's Song
  14. Oh See the Lambkins Play
  15. Forest Song (Ye Birds in Azure Wing)
  16. Serenade, Duet and Scene
  17. Finale Act II
  18. The Armourer's Song
  19. When a Maiden Weds
  20. The Legend of the Chimes
  21. Love, Now We Never More Will Part
  22. Whe Life Seems Made of Pains and Pangs
  23. Country Dance
  24. Finale


Robert of Huntington (Robin Hood)
Sheriff of Nottingham
Little John
Will Scarlett
Friar Tuck
Sir Guy of Gisborne
Lady Marian Fitzwalter, a ward of the Crown (Maid Marian
Dame Durden, a widow
Annabel, her daughter

Villagers, Milkmaids, Outlaws, King's Foresters, Archers, Pedlars, etc.