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Sleeve to OCR (Los Angeles Production)Ruthless

Music by Marvin Laird; Book and Lyrics by Joel Paley

Players Theatre, Off-Broadway - 6 May, 1992 (302 perfs)


A high-camp send up of showbusiness, in which a child kills for stardom! A tale of three generations of women in a family for whom the lure of celebrity status beckons. The Teacher, the Competition and the Star all call for the attention of several women, one gutsy child and a female agent played by a man in drag.


(In order of appearance)

Sylvia St. Croix
Judy Denmark
Tina Denmark
Myrna Thorn
Louise Lerman
Lita Encore
Emily Block 


Act One

Prologue - Sylvia
Tina's Mother - Judy
Born To Entertain - Tina
Talent - Sylvia
To Play This Part - Tina
Teaching Third Grade - Miss Thorn
Where Tina Gets It From - Judy, Sylvia
The Pippi Song - Louise
Kisses And Hugs - Tina, Judy
Teaching Third Grade - (Reprise) - Miss Thorn
Talent (Reprise #1) - Sylvia
I Hate Musicals - Lita
Angel Morn - Judy, Tina 

Act Two

Entr'acre/Montage - Judy, Tina
A Penthouse Apartment - Eve
It Will Never Be That Way Again - Ginger
I Want the Girl - Sylvia
Parents and Children - Ginger, Tina
Ruthless! - Ginger, Sylvia, Tina
Talent (Reprise #2) - Tina
Ruthless! (Reprise) - The Company
Unkie's Muncle