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A Theatrical Rock Concert by Joe Iconis; Conceived By Joe Iconis and John Simpkins

Zipper Factory Theater, New York - November 2008 - January 2009.
Second Stage Theatre, New York - May 2009


The show is about human beings who are messy, emotional, drugged up, knocked down, inspired, electric and who don’t have nearly enough time to cause the kind of commotion they so desperately need to.


Principals: 5 Men, 3 Women

Musical Numbers

  1. I Was Born This Morning (The Cicada Song)
  2. Mamma, Cut Me Deeper!
  3. Nerd Love
  4. The War Song
  5. Good For You
  6. Asleep On My Arm
  7. Everybody's At The Bar (Without Me)
  8. The Guide To Success
  9. Head Shot
  10. The Whiskey Song
  11. Son Of A Gun
  12. Dodge Ball
  13. Albuquerque Anyway
  14. Just Means
  15. Helen
  16. Honey
  17. The Bar Song
  18. Almost There
  19. Never Heard Nothing
  20. I Was Born This Morning (Reprise)