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Sheet music cover by permission of Online Collections at The Strong

A Spectacular Military Opera in 3 Acts, 4 Scenes. Book (and lyrics) by Stanislaus Stange. Music by Julian Edwards.

New York Theatre - 16 December, 1902 - 14 February, 1903 (71 perfs)


Kate Pemberton, a Southern belle, falls in love with a Union colonel, John Graham. But Kate's ardour for the Confederate cause is such that her young brother has little difficulty in persuading her to pilfer important papers from the pocket of General Allen, even though Allen's daughter has been Kate's friend. Though Graham steps in and takes the papers, he is understanding. And in the end, when it is discovered that John is the long-lost son of Felix Graham, on whose plantation much of the action unfolds, the youngsters are united.

Musical Numbers [programme]


  1. Opening Chorus Cordelia, George, William, Male Chorus
  2. I Could Waltz On Forever (with You) - Amelia, Cordelia, George, Geoffrey, William, Chorus
  3. 'Twas Down in the Garden of Eden - Cordelia, Geoffrey
  4. My Own United States - John
  5. Just Marry the Man and Be Merry - Constance, Amelia, Susan, George, William, Chorus
  6. When Our Lips in Kisses Met - Constance, William
  7. Fairyland - Kate, Chorus
  8. Who Knows - Kate, John
  9. While You're Thinking - Cordelia, Female Chorus
  10. The Suwanee River (Music and Lyrics by Stephen Foster.) - Kate, Constance, Robert, John, William
  11. Finale Principals, Chorus


  1. Introduction and Chorus
  2. My Honeysuckle Girl (Ma Honeysuckle Gal) - Uncle Tom, Chorus
  3. Love's Night - Kate, John
  4. I'm So Upset - Jonathon
  5. Why Girls Marry - Geoffry, Cordelia
  6. Ootsey Totsey - General Allen, Constance, Chorus
  7. Sing, Darkies, Sing, - Plantation Workers.
  8. Spring, Sweet Spring - Kate
  9. Katie, My Southern Rose - John
  10. Good Day, Yankees! (Ensemble) Amelia, Susan, Geoffrey, William, Chorus
  11. Years Touch Not the Heart - Constance
  12. Finale II Principals, Chorus


  1. Flag of My Country (Introduction and Chorus) - John, Chorus
  2. But They Didn't (Did He, No, He Didn't) - Cordelia, Female Chorus
  3. The Drums - (Ensemble) Kate, Constance, Cordelia, John, William, Chorus
  4. Finale III - Principals, Chorus

Scenes and Settings


Southern Belles

Federal Officers:


Musical numbers (vocal score)

* Prelude

ACT I - General Allen's Headquarters.

  1. Opening Chorus - "Hurrah! Hurrah! We sing a jubilee..."
  2. Sextet - Amelia, Cordelia, Susan, Buckle, Geoffrey, Walker & Chorus - "Oh! this dancing! ... 'Tis entrancing! ..."
  3. Duet - Cordelia & Geoffrey - "Boys from sixteen to twenty marry at beauty's call..."
  4. Melodrame
  5. Song - John - "The poet sings of sunny France, fair olive-laden Spain..."
  6. Ensemble - Constance, with Amelia, Susan, Buckle, Walker & Chorus - "Now listen to me, I think we agree..."
  7. Duet - Constance & Allen - "Long ago, do you remember when the day was on the wane..."
  8. Fairyland - Kate & Chorus - "There is a land whose mystic strand is trod by fancy's feet..."
  9. Duet - Kate & John - "Why bends to the river the rose? ... Who knows? ..."
  10. Song - Cordelia, with Amelia, Susan & Female Chorus - "Did you ever gaze into a sweet maiden's eye..."
  11. "Suwanee River" Quintette - Kate, Constance, Robert, John & Allen - "I fear my dancing has its faults..."
  12. Finale Act I - "Graceful hopping, never stopping tender squeezing, oh! quite pleasing..."

ACT II - Felix Graham's Plantation.

  1. Introduction & Chorus - "Sing! Sing! Darkies sing! Doan ye heah de banjo ring? ..."
  2. Song - Uncle Tom & Chorus - "When de shadders am a-fallin, and de bee no longer hums..."
  3. Duet - Kate & John - "Thro' the dark aisles of the night, the summer wind softly blows..."
  4. Song - Phoenix & Chorus - "A froggy would a-wooing go, alas, alack-a-day! ..."
  5. Song - Kate - "How sweet the air. Spring is singing in my heart..."
  6. Song - John & Men's Chorus - "Her eyes are like the stars above, her cheeks the blushing rose..."
  7. Ensemble - Amelia, Susan, Buckle, Geoffrey, Walker & Chorus - "Good day, Yankees. Good day, South! ..."
  8. Song - Geoffrey & Chorus - "Sweet Charlotte, Charlotte russe suggests; Owen, checks to sign..."
  9. Duet - Cordelia & Geoffrey - "There are many queer things that we'd better not know..."
  10. Song - Allen & Chorus - "She's the lace on the skirt of the cold-blooded flirt..."
  11. Song - Constance - "Time the master passing by, youth and beauty whither die..."
  12. Finale Act II - "Sir, your son to his home has returned..."

ACT III - Scenes 1 to 3 - Night and Morning within Federal Camps, and then on the Banks of the Mississippi.

  1. Introduction and Song - John & Chorus - "Of the stars and the stripes I am dreaming..."
  2. Song - Cordelia & Female Chorus - "A certain young miss swore she'd never kiss, nor permit any one to kiss her..."
  3. Song - Phoenix - "One day I took a notion to sail upon the ocean. Never shall I try it any more..."
  4. Ensemble - Kate, Constance, Cordelia, John, Allen & Chorus - "The drums, those awful drums..."
  5. Finale Act III - "Don't make two bites of a cherry - it's a wasteful time, yes, very..."