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Musical in 2 acts. Music by Frank Wildhorn; Lyrics by Jack Murphy; Book by Jack Murphy and Gregory Boyd; Additional dialog by Phoebe Hwang

Marquis Theatre, Broadway. 17th April, 2011. (world premiere as Wonderland: Alice's New Musical Adventure at the Straz Center in Tampa, Florida on 5 December 2009, followed by a run at the Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas)


Wonderland is a story about a new Alice who has lost her joy in life. Estranged from her husband, alienated from her daughter and in danger of losing her career, Alice finds herself in Wonderland where she encounters strange though familiar characters that help her rediscover the wonder in her life while searching for her daughter.

Musical Numbers

  1. Overture
  2. Home (Chloe)
  3. The Worst Day of My Life (Alice)
  4. Down The Rabbit Hole
  5. Welcome To Wonderland
  6. Drink Me
  7. Advice From A Caterpillar (The Caterpillar)
  8. Go With The Flow
  9. Keep on Dancing (El Gato)
  10. One Knight (The White Knight)
  11. Mad Tea Party
  12. The Mad Hatter (The Mad Hatter)
  13. I Give You the Queen of Hearts (The Rabbit)
  14. Hail To The Queen
  15. Home (Reprise)
  16. A Nice Little Walk
  17. Through The Looking Glass (Alice & The White Knight)
  18. I Will Prevail
  19. I Am My Own Invention
  20. Off With Their Heads (The Queen of Hearts)
  21. Once More I Can See (Alice)
  22. Don't Wanna Fall In Love (Alice & The White Knight)
  23. Love Begins (Alice & The White Knight
  24. Together
  25. The Nick Of Time (The Mad Hatter)
  26. Heroes
  27. Misunderstood (Jabberwock)
  28. Finding Wonderland (Alice)