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Cover to cast recording with Nicolai GeddaA Waltz Dream

Music by Oscar Straus: Book and Lyrics by Felix Dörmann and Leopold Jacobson - after a short story by Hans Müller entitled Buch der Abenteuer:.

Carltheater, Vienna - 2 March, 1907
Broadway Theatre (adapted by Joseph Herbert) 27 January, 1908 (111 perfs)
Hicks Theatre, London (adapted by Adrian Ross and Basil Hood) - 28 March, 1908


More golden melodies from the pen of Oscar Straus, composer of the world-famous Chocolate Soldier. In the imaginary state of Rurislavenstein the heiress to the throne has disrupted court life by marrying a common Austrian guardsman, Niki. After many heart-searchings and near disaster, when she mistakes Niki's harmless meeting with Franzi (the leader of an Austrian girls' orchestra) for infidelity, the Princess learns to love her hastily-chosen husband and the inevitable happy ending ensues.


7 female, 5 male

Joachim XIII, Prince of Flausenthurm
Princess Helene, his daughter
Count Lothar, cousin of the Prince
Lieutenant Niki
Lieutenant Montschi
Friederike von Insterburg, chief lady-in-waiting
Wendolin, major-domo
Sigismund, a valet
Franzi Steingruber, conductor of a ladies' orchestra
Tschinellenfifi, a member of the ladies' orchestra
Annerl, a violinist in the ladies' orchestra

Members of the princely household, servants, Austrian officers, members of the ladies' orchestra



flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, percussion, harp, strings


Scenes and Settings


Musical Numbers:

Original score


  1. CHORUS and SCENE - (We're waiting for the bell)
  2. SONG (Frederica), Wendolin, Sigismund, with CHORUS - "The Gay Hussar" … (A girl was in Vienna town)
  3. SCENE, MARCH and CHORUS ... " Oh, happiness stupendous " ... (The Court's at hand! Stand back!)
  4. SONG (Niki) …. " I don't care " … (Your speeches have been very long)
    4A. EXIT
  5. DUET (Helene and Frederica) ... "A love of my own" … (The wedding day is ended)
  6. TRIO (Frederica, Niki, and Lothar)... "Our unlucky dynasty " ... (Oh! this is awful) ...
  7. WALTZ DUET (Niki and Montschzi) ... "The Waltz Dream " … (I walked in the blossoming garden)
  8. FINALE … (You are alone, I'm glad that it is so)
  9. MARCH CHORUS … (Silly girl, don't cry!)
  10. SONG (Franzi) and CHORUS… "That's the life for me" ... (Marching maidens, on we go) ...
  11. DUET (Franzi and Niki) … "My dear little maiden " .. (Come hither, my dear little maiden)
  12. MARCH SCENE (Fifi, Hana, Joachim, Lothar and Girls) … "The Ladies' Band" … (If you'd name us, we are famous)...
  13. TRIO (Franzi, Helene, and Frederica) " Temperament " … (Will you tell me what I have wondered?)
  14. DUET (Franzi and Lothar) … " Piccolo! Piccolo! " … (A Violin who'd lost her Beau) ...
  15. FINALE (This is fearful! What's to do?)...
  16. CHORUS and SCENE … "Hush it up! … (Have you heard about the scandal?)
  17. TRIO (Niki, Lothar, and Joachim) ... " Will she come or not?" … (Oh, I wish them at the devil?) ...
    18. DUET (Franzi and Frederica) ... "Baroness and Vagabond" … (I am from gay Vienna)
    19. FINALE … (Out in the night) ...


CHORUS and SOLO (Wendolin) ... "A Cabinet Council" … (Haven't you heard?)
SCENE and Solo (Helene) … "Her Highness is at hand" ... (Her Highness is at hand)...
SONG (Franzi) … "Princess Helene" … (When your husband left you lonely)
SONG (Lothar) and CHoRus... "Boss of the Show" … (As Heir Apparent I have been remarked on)

Broadway version

Come Join In the Waltz *
The Family's Ancient Tree
Hail, We Hope It's Male *
A Husband's Love
I Love and the World Is Mine
I'd Much Rather Stay Home
A Lesson In Love
Life Is Love and Laughter
Love Cannot Be Bought
Love's Thoughts
Oh, Joy, Let Our Song of Gladness Be Heard on Every Side
A Soldier Stole Her Heart
Sweetest Maid of All
The Trumpets Blare
Two Is Plenty
When the Song Of Love Is Heard

* added for the 1938 Revival

Revised adaptation by Michael Flanders, Edmund Tracey, Bernard Dunn and Ronald Hanmer for amateur performance