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Cover to sheet music Waltz Time

Music by Hans May: Lyrics by Alan Stranks: Book by Harry C. James. Revised and rewritten by Conrad Carter


A pseudo Viennese operetta about Austrian Archduke Franz Josef and his Empress Maria Theresa. There is a great deal of "the masked ball" and a naughty new dance called The Waltz.

Light and frothy the score and story was aimed firmly at the amateur market which cried out for such light-weight material but needing large choruses.

Of the film version Halliwell's Guide gives the following guide:

"At a Viennese ball an Empress poses as her masked friend to win a philandering count."
"A rather plodding operetta which also has an unattributed allegiance to Die Fledermaus"


(in order of appearance)

Count Prohaska - Chief Councellor of State
Cenci - His daughter
Count von Hofen - The Minister of Foreign Affairs
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Councellors - Four old men of the council
Trudi - A Lady in Waiting
Baron Ferdinand von Hohenloe - Prohtaska's Political Protégé
The Archduke Franz - The Empress's Consort
Maria Theresa - Empress of Austria
Stefan von Arnheim - A Lieutenant of the Royal Dragoons
Vogel - Host and Proprietor of the "Golden Lantern"
Anton - Innkeeper in a Mountain Village

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court, Ladies in Waiting, Maids, Flunkeys, Royal Dragoons, Guests, Dancers at the "Golden Lantern", Villagers

Musical Numbers:

Act 1

  1. You Will Return to Vienna - Singer & full chorus
  2. The Minuet - Cenci, Prohaska and full chorus
  3. Love Is the Key - Franz
  4. Time Will Tell - Franz and girl's chorus
  5. Why? - Maria and girl's chorus
  6. Only To You - Maria and Franz
  7. L.O.V.E. Spells Love - Cenci and Stefan
  8. Call To Arms - Maria, Stefan and full chorus

Act 2

  1. Wonderful Wine - Franz and full chorus
  2. Foolish Little Maiden - Cenci
  3. Waltz Time In Vienna - Dance
  4. The Heavenly Waltz - Maria, Franz and chorus
  5. I Can't Live Without You - Cenci, Stefan, Ferdinand

Act 3

  1. Break Of Day - Franz
  2. Little White Horse Polka - Ferdinand and chorus
  3. Land Of Mine - Maria, Stefan and male chorus

Scenes and settinsg:

Act 1 - A state apartment in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna. Spring Morning

Act 2 - The "Golden Lantern", Vienna's gayest rendezvous. The same night.

Act 3 - Outside the inn in the mountains. The following morning