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A musical in 2 Acts. Book by A.E. Hotchner, Music by Cy Coleman. Lyrics by Cy Coleman and A.E. Hotchner

Music Box Theatre, Broadway: Opened 13th April, 1989; closewd 22nd April, 1989 (20 previews, 13 performances)


The action takes place in a section of a New York jail exclusively reserved for alimony delinquents

Musical Numbers

  1. A Place Called Alimony Jail - Husbands and Wives
  2. Pay the Lawyer - Husbands
  3. Mrs. Meltzer Wants the Money Now! - Arlene Meltzer and Husbands
  4. That's a Woman - Aaron Bates, Carol Bates and Wives
  5. Piece of Cake - Eve Aiken and Bruce Aiken
  6. Rio - Milton Meltzer, Arlene Meltzer, Wives and Gus Bottomly
  7. Holidays - Arlene Meltzer
  8. The Trouble with You - Aaron Bates, Carol Bates, Husbands and Wives
  9. Mother-in-Law - Husbands
  10. At My Side - Bruce Aiken and Kevin Bursteter
  11. Southern Comfort - Winona Shook, Aaron Bates, Wives and Husbands
  12. The Two of Us - Bruce Aiken and Milton Meltzer
  13. It's Love! It's Love! - Gus Bottomly and Husbands
  14. The Name of Love - Carol Bates
  15. Miami Beach - Arlene Meltzer and Husbands
  16. Guilty - Winona Shook
  17. Love Behind Bars - Winona Shook, Aaron Bates and Wives
  18. At My Side (Reprise) - Kevin Bursteter and Betty Bursteter
  19. It Wouldn't Be You - Husbands and Wives