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The White Chrysanthemum

A lyrical comedy in 3 Acts by Leedham Bantock and Arthur Anderson. Lyrics by Arthur Anderson. Music by Howard Talbot.

Criterion Theatre, London - Opened 31 August, 1905; closed 10 February, 1906 (179 perfs) .


The play opens with Sybil, reclining in her hammock. Sybil Cunningham has followed the man she loves, Reggie Armitage R.N., out to the east where he has chastely set her up in a little house pending his father's permission to marry. But his father has arranged that Reggie shall wed an American heiress, Cornelia Vanderdecken, and he arrives with her in tow. Sybil attempts to hide herself, disguised as a Japanese girl, and it requires all the wiles of her friend, Betty, and Reggie's servant Sin Chong, to achieve the happy ending with Sybil and Reggie united, the old Admiral tied up to Betty and the perky American in the arms of Reggie's Best Friend.

Musical Numbers

  1. Overture
  2. Prelude and Song - Sybil - "It was just an old-world village..."
  3. Duet - Sybil and Betty - "A White Chrysanthemum."
  4. Song - Reggie - "There's a dear little lady I love..."
  5. Song - Sybil - "The butterfly and the flower."
  6. Song - Sin Chong, with Japanese Girls - "Just when-ee day is dawning..."
  7. Duet - Sybil and Reggie - "When you are my very own..."
  8. Finale Act I
  9. Introduction to Act II
  10. Quintet - Cornelia, Reggie, Chippy, Admiral and Lee - "Hide and Seek."
  11. Song - Chippy - "I've never been in love before..."
  12. Duet - Admiral and Betty - "As you have accepted my suggestion..."
  13. Concerted Number - Sin Chong and Chorus - "Little Japanesee if you wishee pleasee..."
  14. Song - Cornelia - "The only pebble on the beach."
  15. Finale Act II
  16. Prelude to Act III
  17. Song - Reggie - "You can't please everybody always..." (composed by Rolan Macurtha)
  18. Concerted Number - Sin Chong and Chorus - "When little boys and girls are good..."
  19. Song - Sybil - "Time was when my love was kind to me..."
  20. Song - Cornelia - "Down by an old plantation homestead..."
  21. Duet - Cornelia and Chippy - "Suppose we settle down and take a house in town..."
  22. Recitation Music (Betty) - "A Hint."
  23. Song - Admiral - "I've traversed the sea from a far distant shore..."
  24. Sextet - Sybil, Cornelia, Reggie, Chippy, Admiral and Betty - "We've got to settle the parson..."


Scenes and Settings