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White Folks A Musical Fable


This is the journey of seven characters Adam and Eve, The Noah’s, Mr. and Mrs. Moses and Mrs. Abraham. They are called forward to our present day to give a frank and honest testimony of their lives. They discover that not only are they related, but also each of them is an Ancient Icon whose lives are responsible for the explosive powder keg that is 21st Century Earth! Their journey becomes an examination of the human spirit in darkness and light, human relationships, trials, tribulations and survival from the beginning of time through to this new and exciting Millennium.

Musical Numbers

  1. Invocation of the Angels - Angel and Company
  2. Witness - Father’s Messenger and Company
  3. Masters of the Universe - Adam, Eve and Company
  4. Rules of the Game - Angel of Mercy and Company
  5. Eden - Eve and Company
  6. Lost Chance - Angel Gabriel and Company
  7. History of the World - Avenging Angel
  8. Ten Commandments - Mrs. Moses, Mr. Moses and Company
  9. Abraham - Mrs. Abraham
  10. Rain - Mrs. Noah and Company
  11. Children of the Light - Father’s Angels and Company

White Folks:A Musical Fable - 2005 Studio Cast CD

White Folks:A Musical Fable - 2005 Studio Cast CD