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LogoA Whole New World

by Martin Docherty & Dougie McLellan

A Whole New World is an ideal show for both Secondary Schools and young amateur theatre companies. It contains a wide range of musical numbers from stand alone pop ballads through to entertaining character songs and the more gentle musical motifs which pop up throughout to comment on or advance the action. 


The musical tells the tale of Jenny, a young woman whose life revolves around maintaining house & home for her husband Steve, until one fateful night when she is persuaded to go on a night out with the girls at the local Karaoke. Jenny turns out to be a talented singer and is spotted by local musician, Danny Roberts. The two form a band but Jenny decides to keep this secret from Steve, who she knows would not approve. Jenny’s singing career goes from strength to strength while her marriage begins to crumble. However, after some misunderstandings and a merry dash to the bright lights of London, Jenny gets both her man and a blossoming career.

Cast Of Characters 

Optional Characters:



  1. Regarding Jenny
  2. Feels Like Yesterday
  3. Regarding Steve
  4. Jenny’s Thoughts
  5. Jenny’s Plan
  6. Friday Night
  7. I’ll Never Fall in Love Again
  8. A Whole New World
  9. This Time Next Year
  10. Never Ending, Always Something
  11. What We Do To Each Other
  12. I Really Need To Know
  13. Nobody Else But You Will Do
  14. What We Do To Each Other 


  1. Back in Thay Days
  2. On His Own
  3. Every Time You Speak
  4. I Don’t Want It
  5. Say I’m Wrong
  6. Say I’m Wrong (Dance Version)
  7. A Whole New World (Finale)

Band :

Drums; Bass; Guitar; Piano; Keyboards #1; Keyboards #2; Keyboards #3

NB : Can be produced with any or all of these omitted by use of either Orchestrated Audio (with for example Piano or Drums removed) or with midi Files in XG/GM Format. These will be provided with the Script & Score.

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