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Who's Hooper?

a musical comedy in two acts by Fred Thompson founded on In Chancery by Arthur Pinero. Book and Lyrics by Clifford Grey. Music by Ivor Novello and Howard Talbot.

Adelphi Theatre, London - 13 September, 1919 (349 perfs) A revised version played from 3 May, 1920.

Musical Numbers:

  1. The wedding jazz ( Nancy Rudd, Chorus);
  2. Wonderful love ( Nancy Rudd, Valentine Hooper)
  3. There's an angel watching over me ( Nancy Rudd, Dr. Bryant);
  4. My London Town (Dr. Bryant, Chorus)
  5. Day dreams ( Mrs Vincent Hitchens);
  6. Will you nurse me through the 'flu, Flo? (Mrs Vincent Hitchens)
  7. It's nice to be home once more ( Mrs Vincent Hitchens, Valentine Hooper)
  8. Each day in passing ( Mrs Brown);
  9. When no one's looking ( Mrs Brown, James)
  10. Garden of our dreams ( Mrs Brown, James);
  11. A ladies' man (James)
  12. My recipe for love (Lady KinKennel, Chorus)
  13. What are the wild waves saying? (Mr Moulter,Chorus)
  14. Come, landlord, fill the flowing bowl ( Mr Pink, Valentine Hooper);
  15. It must be very trying to be mad (Valentine Hooper)
  16. Pierrot dance - Orchestra
  17. Who's Hooper? - Company