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A Musical comedy in 2 acts, 19 scenes; Cy Coleman (Music), Carolyn Leigh (Lyrics), N. Richard Nash (Book)

Alvin Theatre, Broadway - 16 December, 1960 (171 perfs)


Wildcat "Wildy" Jackson and sister Janie land in oil-rich Centavo City with dreams of a big strike-and little else in the way of capital or know-how. By accident she meets Joe Dynamite, the most successful crew foreman in the territory. He is bowled over by her rugged charm and agrees to be her foreman if she can prove ownership to her claimed land and hire a crew. All Wildy needs now is the land and crew.

She finds ten acres owned by a wiry, woman-hating old hermit prospector named Sookie. She takes his measure and rounds-up a crew at the same time. When she presents the package to Joe he claims there isn't a chance of oil on the property and furthermore he has had enough of Wildy's dreams and lies.

Meanwhile, Joe's sidekick, Hank, has fallen for the lame Janie and discovers she's the real reason Wildy wants to strike oil. Wildy tries a more direct, all-woman approach but is still rejected. Infuriated she tells the sheriff that Joe is a wanted man and he is arrested. She later manages to get him released into her custody. The search for black gold is under way. That is, until Joe learns that it was Wildy who tipped off the sheriff. Joe's anger is not to be restrained. He tells the crew they are digging a dry well. Wildy is left stranded. In desperation she throws Joe's dynamite into the well. Fortunately he returns just in time to clear her from the blast area. Joe confesses his love just as the explosion goes off bringing a Texas-size gusher.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Corduroy Road
  2. The Day I Do
  3. El Sombrero
  4. Give A Little Whistle (and I'll Be There)
  5. Hey, Look Me Over
  6. One Day We Dance
  7. Tall Hope
  8. Tippy Toes
  9. Wildcat
  10. What Takes My Fancy
  11. You're A Liar
  12. You've Come Home


Violin (3) A, B, C, D, cello A, B, C, bass, alto sax (clar, bass clar, pic, flute, alto flute), alto sax (Eb clar, Bb clar, bass clar, flute, pic, bass sax), tenor sax (clar, flute, pic), tenor sax (clar, oboe, Eng. horn), bari sax (clar, flute, pic, bassoon), horn, trumpets I-II, III, trombone I, II, III, percussion I-II, guitar-banjo (mandolin), piano-conductor.


19 roles, 9 principals. Total cast, 35-50.

Wildcat, comedienne lead who carries show, sings and dances.
Joe, actor with powerful singing voice.
Sookie, young comic character actor to do old man part, sings and dances.
Countess, straight role
Janie, mostly straight role, but sings 2 duets.
Sheriff Sam, straight role.
Hank, Matt, Corky, Oney, Tatoo, Cisco, crew members who sing and dance.

Separate singing and dancing choruses ( 15 dancers, 8 singers). Strong choral work.

Scenes and sets:

2 acts, 19 scenes, 4 full stage sets, 3 drops, 1 partial stage set, Joe Dynamite's wagon, StutzBearcat-type auto, working oil derrick. Centavo City, a dormitory town.


Scene 1: A Street.
Scene 2: A Prairie.
Scene 3: A Street.
Scene 4: The Plaza.
Scene 5: Countess' Sitting Room.
Scene 6: Sookie's House.
Scene 7: The Prairie.
Scene 8: The Street.
Scene 9: The Plaza.
Scene 10: The Jail.
Scene 11: Sookie's Hill


Scene 1 : Countess' Sitting Room.
Scene 2: On Way to the Fiesta.
Scene 3 : The Plaza.
Scene 4: The Street.
Scene 5: Sookie's House.
Scene 6: Sookie's Hill.
Scene 7: Outside Miguel's Cantina.
Scene 8: Sookie's Hill.


blue jeans, flannel shirts, vests, dresses, suits, ponchos, sombreros, fandango dresses, evening dresses, female disguises, dusty coverall and shirt for Sookie, ornate belts, drillers' safety shoes.


Opening parade, modern, "EI Sombrero" stylised number, soft shoe. Strong dancers' show.

Lighting and Special Effects

Some dramatic lighting required. Shooting effects, oil well brings in gusher (black confetti).