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Piano Selection from Wildest DreamsWildest Dreams

A musical entertainment in 2 acts: Music by Julian Slade: Book and lyrics by Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds.

Vaudeville Theatre, London - 3 August, 1961 (76 perfs)


Wildest Dreams centres on two ladies, Harriet, and her niece, Carol who, in the dreary village of Neldenham, have their own wild dreams of romance but in the end settle for a reformed composer and performer of anguishing art songs and a pink-necked journalist.

Musical Numbers:

  1. There's a Place We Know - (Company)
  2. Nelderham - (Mark Raven )
  3. Mrs Birdview's minuet (Stephen Bent, Mrs. Birdview, Chorus)
  4. Please Aunt Harriet (Carol Arden)
  5. Till now (Mark Raven, Carol Arden, Chorus)
  6. Girl on the hill (Mark Raven, Carol Arden, Chorus)
  7. Zoom, zoom, zoom (Stephen Bent, Harriet Grey)
  8. Here am I (Carol Arden)
  9. Wildest dreams (Ronnie)
  10. Red or white (Mark Raven, Chorus)
  11. You can't take any luggage (Mark Raven, Soldier, Mr Muffle, George, Chorus)
  12. A man's room (Carol Arden)
  13. I'm holding my breath (Stephen Bent, Harriet Grey)
  14. Quite something (Mark Raven, Carol Arden, Chorus)
  15. Green and Oxblood Hill (George)
  16. There's a place we know ( Soldier, Mr Muffle, George)
  17. The days go by (Company)
  18. When you're not there (Mark Raven, Carol Arden)
  19. This man loved you (Mark Raven, Carol Arden,Stephen Bent, Harriet Grey)
  20. Girl on the hill (Company)


Harriet Gray
Carol Arden
Stephen Bent
Mark Raven
Mrs Birdview
Mr Spindrell
Mr Muffle
Miss Foot
Furniture remover
Bertie's girlfriend