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The Wind in the Willows

Music by William Perry; lyrics by Roger McGough and William Perry : based on the novel by Kenneth Grahame adapted by Jane Iredale


The unforgettable characters from Grahame's classic novel spring to life in this new Broadway musical adaptation. Mole, a curious girl who leaves her underground life for one of adventure meets Water Rat who agrees to show her the world. The world includes the eccentric Mr. Toad, whose enthusiasm for life (and motor cars) spells trouble for everyone. In a fight with the Weasels to recapture Toad's home, the old boxing champion, Mr. Badger, leads out heroes to victory. More than a show about animals, Wind In the Willows is about the surpassing value of friendship.


4 men, 3 women, numerous featured roles, chorus.

Mother Rabbit
Father Rabbit
Henry Rabbit
Scott Rabbit
Jill Rabbit
Peter Rabbit
Chief Stoat
Chief Weasel
A Frenchman
Police Sergeant
English Bobbies (2)
Clerk of the Court
Jailer's Daughter
Squirrels, Weasels, Stoats, Rabbits, Members of the Court

Musical Numbers

  1. Prologue - The Company
  2. The World Is Waiting For Me - Mole
  3. Messing About In Boats - Rat and Mole
  4. That's What Friends Are For - Toad, Rat and Mole
  5. Many Years Ago - Badger and Rabbits
  6. Evil Weasel - Chief Weasel, Chief Stoat, Weasels and Stoats
  7. Gasoline Can-Can - Toad and the Ensemble
  8. He'll Love It In Jail - Toad, Sergeant and Bobbies
  9. The Day You Came Into My Life - Mole
  10. Follow Your Instinct - Mole and Rabbits
  11. Joy Shall Be Yours In The Morning - Badger, Mole and Rabbits
  12. Something Comes Over Me - Toad and the Court
  13. I'd Be Attracted - Mole and Rat
  14. We're Moving Up In The World - Chief Waesel, Chief Stoat, Weasels and Stoats
  15. Brief Encounter - Toad and Jailer's Daughter
  16. Where Am I Now? - Toad
  17. Wind In The Willows - Rat, Mole and the Chorus
  18. That's What Friends Are For (Reprise) - Badger, Rat and Rabbits
  19. The Fight - The Company
  20. Come What May - The Company


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